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Chapter 2
"8 pm sharp"
It's now 6 pm.I've been waiting the whole day!
I started paising around.
"What if he doen'st show up?"
"What if he tries to make a move on me,and I'm just not ready?"
I stopped for a moment.I just came out of a relationship with Alex.Then I started to realize how much I actually miss him...

"One cappuccino please,with extra cream"
I couldn't stay in my apartment.Some of Alex clothes are there and photos of us togheter.I made a collage on my wall of photos.Photos of us.
"You didn't stick with our deal,kid."
I recognize the deep sexy voice,especially his perfume that went straight to my nostrills.I turned around.
"Sorry,just a long day I thought-"
I couldn't finish my sentence.
"-Follow me"
I grabbed my order and went after him.He took his way to the roof.My favorite spot.
He walked to the corner of the roof and stood there.I slowly walked closer to him and standed next to him.
It looks like he was in a world of his own,just starring at the city from the top of the roof.The stars connected with the city lights.It looked so amazing.
"I know you used to come here a lot."
I frozed.How did he know?Was he stalking me?
"Don't think I was stalking you."
Once again I frozed.Did he just read my damn mind?!
"Last year I moved to this city,and ever since I went to this coffee shop.And I would always find you here on the roof."
I took a sip of my cappuccino.
"I never saw you here before?"
He smiled.
"Look down,do you see the little bench just underneath us."
I could hardly see in the dark,but with a glimpse he took me by my waist and pulled me closer to show me.
I was so close to him that I could hear him take a deep breath.
"I would come to this shop and buy me a coffee,then I would go and sit on that bench.But one day when I looked up I would  see you standing there in the balcony and read a book."
He was really stalking me!I tried to calm myself down.It felt like a High school crush that just told me he liked me.
"I'm a Writer."
He turned his head on the exact moment when those words left my mouth.
"I would like to read one of your books."And then he smiled and took a step closer to my face holding his gaze.
His lips were 3 cm away from mine.If I went any closer, our lips would connect.
He put his hand on my arm,and slowly slides it's way down to my cappuccino cup.I felt his hand getting a grip on the cup,so I let him took it.
He smiled at me leaning closer to my lips.
"Thank you."
His breath touched my lips,it smelled so good.I wanted him to kiss me but he stepped back and walked away.His last words...Thank you?
What on earth-     Then I clicked.
"Come back!"
He turned around and took a sip of the warm drink.It's like his teasing me!
"It took you long enough."
I gave him a smurk,and put my hand on my hip.I watched his eyes following my hand.
"I didn't even get your name young sir."
He took another sip of the drink and stepped closer to me.
"Byron,and yours kido?"
I have him a smile,his eyes starred at my smile for a moment and then it dropped to the cappuccino in his hands.
I walked towards him holding my gaze into his eyes.I stopped 2 inces away from his lips.
I replied and took the cappuccino,then walked away.

Chapter 3 Will be out soon!


  • Dec 01, 2019

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