A Sad Day My Bff :( Read Count : 24

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Sub Category : Adventure
My Bff it brakes my heart that this is The End but it is I quit I'm giving up But I'll Never Forget you Or Your BEAUITFUL Words You are my #1 Faverite friend Or Bff and I'm gonna cry when I weave Goodbye to you It did not have to be this way but Im making it this way I hope you always Remember me my Names Dustin Abd I'll Always keep you in my Heart To As we part ways I see your tears And Your So Sad And Heartbroken I'm Sorry I'm leaving And This is The End Bit I'll Never Leave You out if Heart I'll Always Remember And Love You I Love You Bff With all my Heart You Look back You see me Crying weaving Goodbye :( :Clara I'm Sorry I don't want you to Go Way are you doing this WAY :( :Dustin Because I'm Sad I'm Heart broken It just and The same But don't worry I won't forget you Ily Calra My Friend My Real Friend The True that has always Been there For You :Clara No Please Don't Go Bff Don't Leave me alone I love You to Bff :( :Dustin :(Looks Back Bye :Clara Bye Weaves :(


  • Bye Calra :(

    Nov 30, 2019

  • Bye Dustin, have fun with you little adventure out of this app!..

    Nov 30, 2019

  • Nov 30, 2019

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