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Chapter 1
My knees were weak,I fell down to the ground...crying.It felt like my heart is going to jump out of my chest.
"Can we just be friends?"
The worst and most heartbreaking words,I thought I would never hear from him.
He said he loved me,or was it just me being a fool to think that he did 'love' me.

I tried to hold back my tears,but it was like a water balloon that just popped.
I couldn't stand up from the ground I was to weak.
All I could think of now is sleep.So I went to bed,crying myself to sleep.

Morning sunrise woke me up.My heart felt nowhere to be found.Just gone.
"Maybe a morning coffee at Mike's Latte would help,start the day"
I dressed myself but didn't feel like putting any effort in today.I just grabbed my keys and went along.

"One cappuccino please,with extra cream."
I will always come to this little coffee shop.Not because it haves the best coffee,but this little shop haves a balcony on the roof.Sometimes I go there just to clear my head.
"Your order is ready."
I grabbed my order and turned around,but spilled my coffee on a leather jacket of a young tall man.
"I'm so sorry!"
I tried to clean up his jacket but my eyes lead up to his face.He had the most beautifullest blue-green eyes and dark brown hair.My eyes followed his face to his mouth.He smiled,and I jumped.He had a little dimple on his cheak.He chukkeld.
"It's okay,this jacket is old"
I gulped,his deep voice send shiffers to my spine.
"Is there a way I could make this up to you?"
His eyes went from the coffee cup he picked up from the ground to my eyes.He smiled and rubbed the little coffee drop off my cheak.
"You can let me buy you a coffee, then I will meet you on the roof tomorrow at 8 pm sharp"
My stomach turned.The butterflies that died yesterday just came to life again.
He gave me a smurk and licked the drop of coffee of his finger and turned around.
His perfume hit me like a door.It smelt so good.
As I was admiring his perfume,I watched him walked away and disappearing through the crowd.

Chapter 2 of Overturned is out!


  • Formatting and spelling isn't the greatest. No hate, I'm grammar police lol. Really is a great story though.

    Nov 30, 2019

  • Nov 30, 2019

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