It's Time Read Count : 19

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
Rain, the most, and favorite, of most types of falling water; something so sweet and rejuvenating, but heavy and wistful with sadness and longing. Listen, if you're quiet you can hear the pattering of sadness in its music. How the sound soothes and riles the very souls or the planets inhabitants...

Chapter One
The clouds are heavy again today, encumbered with the vile smog and particles of planet matter. Grey are the skies as they get ready to weep. Days go by in the same manner, making the creatures sigh with deep longing for the giant yellow orb that once illuminated the blue plains that once hovered warmly over the heads of many.

Stories of days long passed fill the damp air, muffled by the large droplets of water that hit the tin roofs of the down trodden shacks. Crooning can be heard in the distance, crows calling out to each other in Hope's there is food. How the hungry cry in this romanticized weather.


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