Amys Last Day In Jail :) Read Count : 27

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Thriller
:Amy on I'm wairing for The Cop I like Night to come and get me out of here :Night Het you Ready ?:Amy yes I will miss you bit I won't being here haha Hugs night :Night I'll miss you girl :Amy come over my home some time I would like that :Night I will Bye Amy :Amy Weaves Later Amy walks down the road And hears a car trying close the car stops :Cody Hey Miss you need a ride I don't want to let you walk home alone Amy :Amy Wait you know me :Cody Yes lol sis I'm your Brother my Names Cody Rain :Amy Bro Cody I haven't seen you in years Omg It's good to see you :Cody yup let's go sis :Amy ok Bro :Amy thanks for the ride Litttle brother :Cody Your Welcome Bye Amy :Amy Weaves Amy walks on her mom and dad's Porch and knocks on the door to be continued


  • cool

    Nov 30, 2019

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