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Jamie was laughing just a couple days ago, but now all her hopes and dreams were driving away in a noisy ambulance. Her fiance, Kewpan, had gotten kidnapped just to days ago. She found him and called the police. His heart was barely pumping. Jamie was now sitting on an old creaking bench near a tree house, the place Kewpan was kidnapped. Sobbing, her tears make puddles as big as a king size bed. Her long, dark hair dropped loosely of dirty mud water. She didn't know what to do next. Maby sob in her bed? It seemed reasonable to her. A police man about five inches taller than her walked up to her, you could tell his blue gleaming eyes were filled with empathy. His hair was also souked. He pulled out a very muddy wet hand out in front of her, and Jamie reluctantly pulled her hand up and grasped his hand, surprised at how strong his grip was. "My name is Ben." 
"Mines Jamie," she said back. 
    "I'm sorry for your loss."
     "I'd rather not think about it." he pulled her up, smiling bigger as she lifted her face.
     "Well, bye. It was nice meeting you." Jamie told him, eager to go home. Wishing all this drama was just a dream. She wished that she could fall asleep, and when she woke up, the warmth of Kewpan would rush through her body, and he would be right there. Like nothing happened. 
     As Jamie turned around, she thought of how nice Ben had been. 
     When she was home, she crawled into her warm bed, and softly whispered to herself, "good night, Kewpan." the sadness washed threw her, going deep to her heart. But it wasn't sad. She didn't feel happy either. She felt peace. She new she would see him again. But wait, she thought. He's not dead yet. Why did she forget that? The next morning she saw Ben again. "Hi! I missed you. I mean, I thought about you. Wait! No I... Just, never mind." Jamie could tell by his cheeks that were flushed with red that he liked her. At least a little. He was a nice guy, right? Jamie smiled at him.
     "hi Ben. How are you?" she replied. 
     I'm fine. How are you? I mean, I haven't seen you in like a year.." 
     "one day. We haven't seen each other in one day. But I'm fine."
     Oh good, kuz I just was wondering. Not like I was thinking anything else. Definitely. So, do you want to go to Happy and get some hot coco?" he asked. Happy was a coffee shop, but it also had hot chocolate.
     "I would love to, but I had some this morning. Maby we could just sit and get to know each other better?"
     "sounds great!"
     Alright." Jamie sat down and waited for him to sit down to, then started asking him questions. "do you have a job?"
     "yes, I work at carving industries. We make furniture."
     "so your a carpenter. That's cool! I work at Morgan elementary school. I like working with kids."
     "If you had to, would you break up with Kewpan?" said Ben.
     "I don't know. It would depend on why I was breaking up with him. If someone were to murder him if I didn't break up with him, I would definitely break up with him. But then I'd call the cops, and then get back with him. Why.." Before Jamie could finish, Ben leaned in, and gave her a big, kiss on the lips. She tried to use her hands to push away, but that didn't go so well. When Ben stopped the nonsense, she jumped off the bench. But before she told Ben anything, she herd a trembling voice from behind her saying, "Jamie?" she amediatly turned her attention to behind her, and saw Kewpan in a wheelchair. 
     "oh, Kewpan, I can explain!"
     "this doesnt need explaining. I can see that you like another man. If you want it that way, I'm feelingne with it." his eyes seemed so sad they could burst into one thousand never ending tears.
     "no! I don't like this man! I will always love you! Remember our song?" Jamie started to sing. "I will always love you, forever and always. Nothing even matters, if you and I are here. You are my life light and love. I will always love you. Don't you remember that song?"
     "then how will you explain the kiss?"
     "I couldn't stop it even if I tried. I love you, not this mad man."
     "that is hurtful!" said Ben. 
     "I don't know if I can trust you."
     "You always can, Kewpan." said Jamie. "always. No matter what."
     "aww, I love you Jamie. But you can't keep doing this. Litteraly every day you make me worry." Kewpan replied.
     "so your not mad at me anymore?"
     "not today. I might be tomorrow, but right now let's just go home. I'm tired." 
     So they went home, and the next day the had a little fight, but it all ended well. They got married, had a son named Jacob, and lived there life in peace. The end.


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