A Sad Day With Miss April :( Part1 Read Count : 29

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Romance
:Dustin Ohh Miss April I'm So Sorry this Happned to you I won't leave to die here I'll stay with you Aww Im So Sorry :( :April uhh What Who are You were am I ? :Dustin Miss April I'm Dustin I saved Your Life I took you here :April Omg Well Thankyou You say you saved me ? :Dustin Yes I did You had a Heart Attack I was sad And Worried About you :( :April Omg Thankyou Dustin I Appreciate it :) :Dustin Your Welcome Miss April I wasn't Going to leave You I wouldn't I Love You miss April :April Aww Ily to I want to be with you And Marry You :Dustin I feel The same Way Miss April Ily to And Will You marry me ?:April Looks Surprised Yes Yes I will Aprils  cries tears of Joy :Dustin Aww Miss April  what's Your Age I'm 19 :April I'm 20 Years Old :Dustin AWWW How cute To be Continued


  • Dustin Lester

    Dustin Lester

    i Wouldnt Leave Anyone :)

    Nov 30, 2019

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