The Autumn Revel Read Count : 10

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Drama
The leaves swirled around Nikivania's feet in mini tornados. She knew not what it meant but she followed the path they cleared. Soon enough she heard the elves music. It was a sweet sound filled with wordless joy and peace. As she walked on she saw the door to the hill of the revel and who should meet her at the door but the prince of the elves himself. "Come Nikivania. Come and dance with me!" The prince called to her. He held out his hand and she didn't hesitate to take it. He led her to the middle of the revel and began to dance with her. They danced and danced till Nikivania realized how tired she was. She was barely standing and standing against her will. She called to the prince to help her but he only laughed,"Oh foolish heard the stories of the elves but you did not heed their warnings. Now you will suffer for your stupidity." And Nikivania lept and swirled till she died. The prince remembers Nikivania from time to time and laughs to himself at the foolishness of the mortal girl. Little does he know that Nikivania haunts him and will one day take his life. For a kindness not done,an evil work takes it's place...


  • Nov 30, 2019

  • Dustin Ryan Bliss

    Dustin Ryan Bliss

    So Lovely

    Dec 02, 2019

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