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( Warning this story contains Homophobic slurs. This is roughly based on my own coming out story. If you like this please comment and read my other works it would really mean alot)

" That was a good dinner, David," Mrs Young said as she finished her casserole.
 " Thanks mom," David said not looking up, but staring at his hands and rubbing them together.
" I knew you taking that food class would be a good idea," Mr Young said, as he placed his plate in the sink, and began to pat his stomach. " I would have more if there was some left. I can just imagne you become a professional chef some day."
" Thanks Dad,"
David was dry as he glaced over at his sister, who gave him an encouraging smile.
He gave a small fake smile back, as their parents walked over to sit in the living room. She got up and slowly placed a hand on her brothers shoulder. " You ready little bro,"
David nodded and mumbled something. " I am Julia, but it's just hard."  
" You can do this David. You did a good job telling me last June. I'm always her for you,"

David quickly hugged his sister tightly. 
" I love you too, little bro. Now Come on let's do this" The two of them walked towards the living room. David sat down in an armchair facing the sofa, where his parents were sitting, while Julia sat in a separte chair next to her parents. 

David began to swear, and he started to rub his hands togehter.
" The reason, I wanted you to come here, is that I need to tell you something..." 
David could here the tremble in his voice, he was sweatinf like crazy, and now he could here so many different people's voices in his head. 

" In the bible, God created man and woman. You are just confused, Mr. Young," He's pastor sounded. " You better repent or you will go to hell,"

" Look at the faggot cry," The bullies from school yelled in his ears.

David suddenly felt like something big was on his back, like something was trying to crush him.

" Your broken your sick, they will never love you," Came a horrible hiss in David's head. But David know he had to do this.
He began to hear Mr. Lee's calm voice, His best friend Ellie's voice and his sisters voice all speak in unison in his head. " You're a very intelligent boy. There is nothinf wrong with you, and we will always be their for you," 

David could it hold it in any longer so he quickly yelled it. 
" I'm Gay!"

Pain, Fear, stress and relief suddenly hit David all at once. He could no longer feel the crushing weight He took the hood of his jacket he was wearing and pulled it up. He placed his head into his hands and started to cry. He braced tightly, he was ready to hear it, ready to be yelled at, ready to be kicked out of the house. But nothing came. 

He peeked though his fingers to see both his parents with the sweetiest smiles on their faces
"Oh David, my baby. We don't care," Mrs Young smiled
" We love you no matter what," Mr Young said.
The two if them scooted closer together and stretched out her arms wide. Both Julia and David ran towards them, and the four Youngs hugged eachother tightly.


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