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   Many people among the United States, don't actually know what Black Friday is. When asked about Thanksgiving, they know that they're celebrating a peace treaty with the Native American tribes. The truth though, is much more horrific then what our academics would have us believe. The truth is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is the story of brutality and disgusting acts of man. I didn't learn this until I was a college student, but haven't I always wondered what Black Friday really was. This over-commercialized holiday, has a horrible background.
   After the Thanksgiving feast, on light of the early morning Christopher Columbus and settlers attacked the tribes of Native Americans, who had reached their hands out and friendship. This attack, based on nothing more then their hatred for anything different. The Puritans originally came to the United States, to escape from being huntedfor their religious beliefs. However, the Puritans were not pure, as they massacred the drunk Native Americans and their families. The alliance between the Native Americans and the settlers almost ended abruptly and immediately after the murder of these tribe chiefs.
   The sad thing is, a lot of Americans don't even know how much they owe to the Native Americans. The Native Americans were responsible for showing them almost everything which was available in the United States. From chocolate, too popcorn, too even making a guide on how to create a government. Yes, even America borrowed that from the original Native Americans living on what we call the United States.
   These days, more and more people are starting to realize what one bad thought of someone could lead a group of people to. Fear, when controlling your mind can be the causing factor in destroying a civilization. But by committing such atrocious acts, we destroy ourselves in the process. Do not let fear based off of beliefs or ethnicity control you.


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