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Jackson's  POV
          I didn't have to see her face to know I hurt her. I hadn't wanted to, but those boys were pissing me off. I had broken my one order. I had fucked up. I knew she would ditch school, she had made it a habit since her parents death. 
           I stood in the shadows watching her as she spoke to her parents. I looked around where was her unless friend? I didn't like Rebecca much, not because we were asigned the same task or that she was allowed contact but because she would have no problem killing Rosie if she discovered her ability, and that wasn't okay with me. 
           My gaze traveled back to Rosie. Fuck! She was looking right at me. I slipped deeper into the shadows. Fuck had she seen me. I peeked a look. She was gone. Fuck! Where was she? My heart beat faster in my chest. I scanned the area. I heard a stick break behind me. Fuck. She had snuck up on me. 
"What the hell Jackson? Are you following me?" her smooth voice snapped. I turned to face her. Her beauty took my breath away. She was stunning, I had never been this close to her. Her clear green eyes pinned me with an angry look. 
"Why are you following me?" she snapped stepping closer to me. She had guts, everyone was scared of me but not her and strangled that made me happy. Fuck! what was this girl doing to me!? 
"Rosie, I need you to calm down." I ordered. I quickly realized ordering was a mistake. Anger and heat radiant from her. Oh fuck! 
"Don't tell me what to do!" she snapped back and tapped into her waiting power. 

to be continued....


  • Nov 30, 2019

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