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I love you. I remember the first day we spoke. Butterflies swarmed inside me,  my heart leaped every other second. My rosy cheeks got rosier the more we talked. Your figure. I cant get it out my head. Long, tangling hair that didn't have a single knot. Luscious, red lips were your tradmark. Ocean, blue eyes I wanted to drown in. Your voice found its way to me no matter the circumstance, loud, quiet; I heard you. Heaven cannot compare to such beauty. I love you.

We walked day and night. The vibrant colours were nothing in comparison to you. Nothing. Each turn put me in a daze, each forking a new path. A new path? Why did we pick a new path?

We walked less and i beagn to lose your voice. I love you. Your eyes changed, I didn't want to drown. I didn't want to fall for the disguise. I love you. Your hair frayed the longer we went on. I love you. Your trade mark red turned to green as you envied more and more each day. I love you.

Where did you go? Why did you leave me here? Why did you pick someone else path!? I see you, changing direction to his. I see you leaving ours for his. I see you sneak away and back for him. I loved you.


  • Nov 29, 2019

  • Nov 29, 2019

  • This Is Beauitful

    Nov 30, 2019

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