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I took the road through the valley of death,

Cognizant of every breath.

I faced the darkness, the throng of foes.

Stood before them, I alone.

I knew the battle might be my last,

Facing demons from my past.

But fear and caution would not stop me,

The end of the valley I was determined to reach.

With my sword and battle axe,

I charged those demons,

I began my attack.

I felt supreme as I slayed each one,

The battle was fierce and seemed to go on.

I kept advancing, never retreat,

In this battle, I would not accept defeat.

Their bodies littered the ground,

My own breathing, the only sound.

But my battle was not done,

I still had to fight the very last one.

At the end of the valley, there he stood,

In long dark robes, head covered by a hood.

He matched my attack, blow for blow,

No matter how quick, I was too slow.

I fell to the ground before his feet,

Here it ends, in defeat.

I mustered my strength for one final blow,

Caught him by surprise and sliced through his torso.

He crumpled to the ground, astonished by my attack.

As he looked up, his hood fell back.

At that moment I couldn't believe,

The very last demon was me.

Not dissuaded by my eyes,

One more swing finished the fight.

I left him there, body dead,

Crumpled in the dirt without a head.

I walked out of the valley into bright sunlight, 

Graced with the knowledge, 

That I'll be alright.



  • Nov 29, 2019

  • Nov 30, 2019

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