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I know I bother you 
But you say what can I  do
You're so far away from me
I can only feel your presence and your love, 
I too feel like touching you
I too feel like putting my fingers in yours
And walk together in the middle of the night,
I too feel like looking at your eyes and say whatever is inside my heart,
Whenever I see the couple of birds 
I too feel like cuddling with you,
Sometimes it feels like there's nothing between us 
But then I  realise that this is the long distance which makes me feel so,
But deep inside I know there's an unexpressable love that holding  us together ,
Now I can only bother you or can say a couple of sweet words 
And sometimes I can say in between that
I love you.....


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Very nice🦋🦋

    Nov 29, 2019

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