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*** Before we start, I just want to put it out there that this little portion I'm uploading will work as sort of a test to see what kind of feedback I receive before I decide whether or not to eventually continue this story. ***

You know those moments you catch a scent for a brief moment, but that scent is just so familiar to you, as though it belonged to someone or something important? A scent you closely relate to an event, time period, or person... What is that called?

I was rushing to get to my class so as to not be late this early in the year. I knew that if I were to be late my second week in, bad habits would quickly start forming. I couldn't start forming bad habits before leaves started falling from trees. I chuckled to myself, thinking how detrimental that would be to my school career.

On my way to class, I dodged many people in the streets walking the opposite direction, as if I were a fish swimming upstream, when I caught a scent. The scent only lasted the briefest of moments, but it stuck for far longer than it would have had it been the scent of something random. It was one I found extremely familiar, but I couldn't place why. I slowed down a little to think about the scent and its possible origins.

Was it how my home smelled as a child?

Was it my late father's scent upon coming home from work every evening?

Was it a candle...and air freshener, perhaps, that my friends had in their homes years and years ago?

No, no, no. It was none of the things that kept coming to mind. Where was that scent from?

"Shit, I'm late," a man walking by quietly muttered to himself as he started walking faster. That pulled me out of my thoughts and I glanced at my watch. Less than five minutes until class started. I got a sudden burst of energy as I hurriedly dodged people again in order to get to class, and the scent, as well as my thoughts of it, were soon forgotten.


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