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I'm loosing my mind
It's so hard to find
I can't define
That I'm out my mind
That I can see
I'm walking blind
That u see
I'm out my mind
You get pleasure from my pain
I run up on you I well make it rain
You look at me as animal that can be tame
got yourself bitten aint that a shame
But you look at me I'm the blame
Stick the hand in the lion cage surprise bitten
Survival of the fittest ,jungle law written
Opportunity licks we be hitting
Fuck around and eggs well be splitting
Yes sir I'm out  my mind
On my grind , One track mind, give me mine
On my grind, give me mine, I'm out my mind
Give me mine, I'm out my mind, on my grind
No matter you put it, remember out my mind
Realize out my mind in a matter of time
lack of time you realize I'm out of my mind
Then I go do stupid , you look at me if I was out of my mind and that makes you out of your mind.


  • Lil SoSo

    Lil SoSo

    you ok?....

    Nov 29, 2019

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