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Sub Category : YoungAdult
A Young dark haired Girl, wakes to find She is on a Ship, A ship sailing over a blood red ocean, and in this ocean lie numerous hundreds of dead corpses.

Stumbling upon an old Picture in an out of reach drawer, she recognizes the man in the Photo to be her Dad,

Quick glimpses of a Shadow figure, shrouded in a robe, with a Hood gazes out towards that of a pentagram, slashes His hand and bleeds over the open flame laughter of the maniacal is heard
Soon His peirceing gaze stares at the camera and into Your very soul.

And we witness the man's pupil get gradually bigger all the while flashes of the young girl is seen getting chased around by an unknown entity 

Then we head back to the present where She is now grown, in the buildings basement overlooking Naked women who have died before her, she stares towards the darkness, and notices one of the Corpses is a woman that she knows of well.

"Mother" She exclaims, as a thin, tall, Hooded figure of a Man  appears before Her, in the Darkness, this man, Her very own Father.

Welcome home, my dearest daughter I've searched for You endlessly, waiting for this very moment

Father She cries

As the start of a chainsaw is heard and screams echo the halls and laughter from the man is heard.

She awakens once again, "thinking to Herself" that she now knows what She must do, and She throws the Picture in an open flame, as it begins to sizzle, so to does the man before her, and at that very moment, she begins to feel at peace, for even though Her Mother died at the hands of Her father, She can now
Leave that part of her life behind her, she now sits, in front of Her dying old man, before Her in prison.

"So do You forgive me, My child"

"Yes, father I forgive You.

Now standing at his bedside, holding Her father's cold clammy hands, He breathes His last breath, tears begin to pour, As she has now lost Her last remaining family member, but has grown Hope, knowing She will see them again, One Day.


  • Nov 29, 2019

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