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               MY LITTLE       
By Annalisa Stevens Jones

I would like to introduce myself first.  My name is Annalisa Jones.  I'm 49 years and may be 50 by the time I finish this little piece of my story.   I'm twice divorced and have 1 daughter from each marriage.  My girls are ages 14 and 21 right now.   Everything I write has mostly to do with my opinions.  Everyday at some point, I ponder over TIME.   It's true that as you get older, you realize, at some point, that time flies.
I remember that my early childhood, teens, and 20's,  perhaps 30's,  seemed to go on and on and that I had much time to be filled.  Now it feels like I don't have enough time left to do all these things I've dreamed of.  I think that some of it has to do with discovering who I am, and accepting it so late in life.  Everyday I discover something new about myself.  It's quite exciting for me.  But sometimes, it saddens me too.  This first article may seem like I'm all over the place as I'm just an amateur writer.  But I've got a few free minutes, with just me and my phone, to write this.
I just heard another news story on the radio regarding a company that is offering some deal that would include access to all of your bank accounts, in which it already has access to SOME of your payment information.   I am extremely frustrated with the fact that this company (which means any individual we know nothing about) already has access to everything you search for on the internet and more.  I was taught at a young age that it was nice to share things with people.  But I am against sharing anything and everything with people I do not know.  I believe I have the right to pick and choose what I want to share, and with whom I want to share. But it's come to the fact that we don't have a choice anymore.  It seems we are unable to control these things a little more each day. 
I find this scary.  I feel violated in certain ways.  I don't believe our founding fathers intended for us to be this way, in this country, and in this world.  Oh yes, people have changed and not for the better.  So many have come to expect things, and so many have given in and let those people take away those things.  When did this happen?!  I wasn't in a coma at anytime, but why do people insist on moving things so damn fast?!  The internet has obvious positive things to offer but it's turned out that we have to give TOO much away in order to get these things.  We get exciting offers but there's always downsides to these offers.  I honestly don't think people realize that at some point, there's an end to everything and that includes the internet world as we know it.  We simply as humans cannot continue to try to make everything better and better because there is always a limit.  With every single thing in this world,  there IS A LIMIT.   We are human, and we have limits, and we need to accept them, and stop relying on everything technical, and get back to some basics.  Computers, machines, robots, etc. can't do everything a human can do, and at some point we will have to rely on the human to ultimately be the decision maker.  And I know I would like for them to be good humans.  Machines don't have a heart and soul, and never will.  And I believe the best of this world all has to do with the heart and the soul.  We should not JUST try to keep making things better by way of technology,  because exactly how far do you think that it can really go?  We really need to focus on ourselves first,  because I see extremely mean, hateful and greedy attitudes when it comes to how we treat each other.  What does "making things better" mean anyways?   And whom does it affect and does EVERYONE agree on it?  WE DON'T KNOW!   Is there not anything in this world that is fine just the way it is?!  If it's not, then no one person will ever be just fine with the way they are.  And the next person will never be fine with that person!  And so on. 
There are many countries that do not have all the luxuries that America does, and they never will, at this rate.  What are these companies trying to fulfill in our lives?  Isn't it up to us to realize that fulfillment?  And what fulfillment do they get from us?   When their time is up on earth, could they say that they truly made a difference while living, and that they showed that appreciation of the miracle of the life they were given.  And who are THEY anyway?!  We can never know everybody!  But we CAN affect those we don't know.   We used to be communities of people who were gentleman and ladies, and helpful neighbors and good citizens.  We could  finally realize that we ARE all created equal, and we each have our own wonderful abilities we were born with, and that we could make a difference in this world.  We could live by way of our hearts and souls that our GOD intended for us to have. 
Despite people believing in different GODS or none at all, we were GIVEN this miracle of life, and NOTHING succeeds without true and good hearts and souls leading the way.  That starts with being thankful for your life here.  And can only continue if we keep that in mind. 
Thanksgiving is coming and I see more and more people who truly don't thank anyone for anything, anymore.  You can change that.  I promise that it will do nothing but good.  This goes the same with being courteous and helpful to others everywhere you go.  IT CAN ONLY DO GOOD!!!  DO YOU SEE WHAT I'M SAYING?!  Don't ever stop doing for others because each person who doesn't only makes this world a little bit more difficult and unhappy to live in.  It just spreads like a disease and we need to turn it around.  WE ALL DO!   

I would like to wish EVERYONE a happy and fulfilled THANKSGIVING!  I love you all.  And we are all worthy.  And I would like for anyone who reads this, to try to do something good today.  Every little thing counts.  I feel good being able to share this with you.  My intentions are good.  Maybe we can try to share something good in this world a bit more.  Something from our hearts and our souls.   



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