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Sub Category : Comedy
(In a quiet neighborhood in a West London street, Nathan notices a small, worn-down house with shattered windows. He points to the building.)

Nathan: Let's go to that abandoned house.

Tom: Are you crazy?

Nathan: Come on! It'll be fun to explore.

Tom: Hell, no. We've got no idea what's in there.

Amanda: (scared) What if we find people in there? Or ghosts...

(Tom wraps a protective arm around her.)

Tom: I won't let anyone or anything hurt you.

Nathan: What about me?

Tom: (rolls his eyes) You're the one who wants to go in there. You can defend yourself.

(Nathan pouts, clearly disheartened.)

Amanda: Aww, no. He's your best friend. You'll protect him too, right?

(She gives Tom a puppy-eyed look.)

Tom: (sighing) Yes. I'll die fighting for you both.

Nathan: (cheering) Yay!

(Tom glares at him.)


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