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We all want to be a good looking person
I agree i know people who want to be just like the girls in my school acting hot wearing revealing clothes being on tik tok being in cheer for clout. Girls do that
All i want to say yourself

If you dont think your beautiful. YOU ARE
If you think your fat YOUR NOT 
If you have a illness still be you
You dont have to be in cheer just to be with your friends or to be hot. NO if your in cheer be in cheer because you want to be in it

But if you want to show of you legs or wear something that is not for kids
You can attract the older men,if thats the achievement your just a hoe....getting a girlfriend or boyfriend at 11? 12? 10? Dont cry because he/she broke up with weren't ment to be so get over it

Do you want to be a hoe?
No right good. So always be you there is someone out there who loves you dont end it someone out there wants you to 



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    Dec 01, 2019

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