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He had discovered emotions that were meant to be unknown to him. 

            He itched to interrupt the boys as they once again bullied her.
WATCH DO NOT INTERACT ran in his head over and over. He wanted them to stop, against all his training and orders, he intervened. They were pushing her too far, she wouldn't forgive herself if she hurt someone and he most importantly didn't want her to be scared of her ability. 

Rosie POV
           I stared at my pencil case, hoping they would be bored soon and leave me alone, but I knew better they lived boring lives and their only enjoyment was bullying people and I was their target today. 
"Roise." one said slamming his hand down on my desk. I jumped which made them laugh. I looked up at them. 
"What is it like having no friends? Does it make you wonder if your parents even loved you." 
My parents died a year ago, my aunt and uncle were now my guardians. I looked away from them not wanting them to know their words had hurt. A cruel chuckle sounded from behind me. I didn't need to look to know it was Jackson. He was mysterious and a loner, but he fascinated me. 
"how pathetic." 
"what did you say?" one of them snapped.
"how pathetic" he said again slowly, like they were stupid. " how pathetic are your lives if you must pick on her- the sneer in his voice hit harder then anything they could say to me.- she is worthless and a waste of space." he said cruelly before walking out of class.     
          I tryied to ignore his words but they had cut me deep. I dumped my things into my bag and also left the class. I didn't let me tears fall until I was alone. I didn't even know Jackson but his words had hurt me the most. Why did I like people that were so cruel to me. I walked slowly, my legs taking me to my parents grave. Jackson was still controlling my thoughts, it hurt thinking he thought so little of me... I didn't even know why I cared.
"Hey mum, Hey dad. Don't be mad i bailed on school again.... I miss you
guys so much."

Jackson POV

to be continued....


  • Nov 28, 2019

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