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Hello! You must be my future love! 
I hope you will take care of me and love me for good :)
Im not a good state im 11 and depressed :( no one likes me because they think im ugly
Please dont think that. I get lied to so many times like when i fell in love with a friend when they said they like me i grew happy until i knew he lied i went to the biggest depression..then my favorite person sulli killed her self....what has this world gotten to? Im currently still in this great depression.....but one day i hope ill meet you and you will flip my world into a happiness.. All im will say is you must love me even if im out of this world. Yes im loco :). Im not ready to move on this fake love my friend said he still plays around but....
I love you my future one πŸ’œ
 Your of course truly



  • I mean I love your writing but GIRL U DON'T A BOY FOR NOTHING u look like a popstar that just had their makeup done (but if he cute get him while u can😝😝😝)

    Nov 27, 2019

  • Dustin Lester

    Dustin Lester


    Nov 28, 2019

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