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Falling further down the rabbit hole
Gave him everything, my love my life my soul
my life from beginning to end is like an open book
how it all happened, what he gave, what he took
A fairy tale, a prince, a damsel in distress
He took me away, new beginnings no stress
We were happy in love, all trust with no fight
In fact many times we talked all night
Our family. A great family, over time grew
Instead of only one, we now had two
But just like any story you read
an evil comes along and with it an evil deed
The years apart we grew and we learned
just how to be stronger and trust could be earned
Again a new life love stronger than before
We said to each other "forever" we swore
Our love our lives were great when they were
When that evil came back life was a blur
At first it was subtle, a little here for the pain
Then came excuses, "just a few cause the rain"
A big event, something special, so happy for me
A big event a big scene couldn't just leave it be
An apology, "Im sorry it wont happen again"
Next time its "Im sorry, I will just stick to gin"
So many more times too many I fear
The sorrys the promise, "I'll only drink beer"
More time came more beer
more sorrys more fear
one became two, two became four
I started to wonder if I could take any more
The promises the fights, He says he will quit
I believe, I love, I cry, I sit
Round and round the cycle goes
Because of love I stay and he knows
He drinks, blacks out, yells and we fight
I hurt, fight back, cry through the night
Next day I remember every word that he said
For him he forgets when he goes to bed
So here is my story, my life and my soul
And how I got so far down that damn rabbit hole


  • This book is incredible! I love how u rymed it while still telling a true epic love story

    Nov 27, 2019

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