He Wore Women's Shoes Read Count : 20

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There you are strolling about a drink in one hand and a smoke in your mouth A dimly lit club with familiar people, as you say your hello's you are greeted by the females Watching you interact, touching The very small of their backs, tender, gentle, a romantic perhaps My finger, now moist from the liquid in my glass like a potion that I'm brewing and I intend to cast A hunger in your smile here and there, as secrets from these beauty's are whispered in your ear Competition is confirmed, and it is going to be tuff as to have one of these bunnies is what you lust Rescued by thirst, and only remnants in your glass mother nature now calls and you can move on at last With experience of a gigolo you mingle the room, blessed with the looks of a prince.. oh yea your good Walking my direction Your approach is near in about thirty seconds my motive secret.. but very clear As a woman unknown has just crossed your path you stop in your tracks to turn and look back Where is she from.. Why is she here… What should I say…. "can I buy you a beer?" This is a first, one of it's kind.. you haven't no words or pickup lines It's now or never you say to yourself, like time after time you dive in head first but tonight will be different and you will be left stumped "what just happened.. was I just dumped?" as you yourself…….. are now…used goods


  • Nov 28, 2019

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