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Sub Category : Thriller
Its been a month its been long the cops are still looking for me i don't know why i did it pulling that trigger wasn't a mistake i had to do it you were wrong you mistreated me you told me i was your everything how could you betray me with her oh don't worry she will get her fair share in this she will pay as well and suffer the same fate as you did in the hands of me your wife the wife you said you loved the wife you vowed to protect and love the same wife you wanted to start a family with but you threw that all away i hope your happy now.Oh well would you look at the time its late why aren't you at home? Oh wait you can't come home i hope you burn in hell for what you did why am i writing this oh its a secret shhhh i am not gonna tell anyone your dirty little secret just kidding to whom that finds this letter my husband is a dirty cheater hahahaha oh hunny if only you didn't had done this life would have been amazing wouldn't it? Me and you and our kids but like i said you threw it all away for what?well i am still trying to figure out that myself ohhhh why did you do it you knew i wasn't right in my head and yet you still did it huh tell me babe why did you marry me if you knew you were going and cheat is it because i am worthless? What? I gave you my life my love my whole world i gave up passions just for you but in the end you were never worth that and now look at you you're in our house in our bedroom bleeding out while the cops look for me little do they know i am right under their noses what am i looking to get caught? Well yes i am a danger to society babe weren't you the one who said i was crazy babe? Yes i am you were right i was crazy about us hahahaha and  didn't you say your always tired well now you can finally rest in peace *clicked*oh lucky me your mistress is home don't worry babe she will be with you shortly goodbye forever hunny love you.
           Yours truly 


  • Nov 27, 2019

  • Dustin Lester

    Dustin Lester

    Love This Story :)

    Nov 28, 2019

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