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Relaxing in a country INN
with plenty on my mind
sipping on gin
with a great big grin
I was destine to make
him mine

An hour or two
was sure to prove true
that he was up to
but he sat there waiting
while anticipating
hoping that I was too

From across the room
our hearts were in tune
guessing what each one
was thinking
but if he only knew
or had a clue
that I was going to
seduce him

Our eyes were locked
and he was shocked 
to see what I had for him
my lips were wet
and breasts errect
oblivious to anyone

I clinched my teeth
around my drink
finishing with one last 
it didn't take him long
to see
that I was ready to follow

We ended this night
each with delight
knowing we would never
speak again
and I will always regret
but never forget 
that on this night I
committed a sin


  • thi sa is great

    Nov 27, 2019

  • Nov 28, 2019

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