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That's right little ole lady
it's here once again
your birthday is back
so let your aches
settle in

What to get you
something old, something new
you kissed my cheek
and said
your love will do

But to get a gift
it's not just for you, 
when the one watching
you open it
gets excited too

So I set out 
for something unique
and that's what she got
to say the least

Then I went for a walk
and I wandered about
I kicked this old liqure bottle
and a genie came out

As shocked, startled and
as scared as I was
this gift would be perfect
for the woman
I love

So I scooped the genie
and the three wishes up
I ran all the way home
while shaking him up

Sitting the bottle 
on the kitchen counter
I unscrewed the cap
and never smelt
anything fouler

The bottle fell over
and the genie rolled out
he got back to his feet
when he then
 passed out

All I could do 
was laugh at the genie
now pitiful and drunk
just needing some 

Now at this point
there's nothing I can do
so I went to Moma
and said pick a hand
one or two

The drunken genie man
was the hand she picked
So I handed her the hand
with the half full bottle
and told her to wash
him down quick
with this foul smelling
Whiskey Sour


  • Nov 28, 2019

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