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When a writer can focus on a particular topic 
One that is detestable and often frowned
You may feel the writing to be myopic
But you continue to read on

It may be a about suicide -murder or abuse 
There are many that one can choose 
While you’re thoroughly disgusted by the
It becomes a fascinating object 

With skill and creativity the writing flowers
You think about the poem for many hours
The theme is one that you abhorre 
But the presentation becomes one that you adore

It’s not often that two contradictory words meld so well
But this gem takes an unusually stand
Never believeinig this concept would sell

What has been done- why the project has won
The result has been something grand 
It’s taken a turn to let readers learn
That the most hideous of acts can be made
to understand 

Don’t get me wrong my objections are strong 
I fervently hate everyone 
What’s done instead it gets into the head
Of the person committing each one 

I totally agree there is  no sympathy for those who have committed these acts
But to understand the reasons for this horrid evil 
Has been written with genius and tact

This writing simply shows that when words and thoughts  flow right 
That creation is the winner - not the evil sinner 
Poetry reveals all it’s might



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