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Tell me its ok to be hated and to be lied.oh no no no.tell me to be calm and dont believe on all their "lies" oh no no eyes my lips my heart have turned blue.i dont know how sad is to fake my love now. 
Oh~ caught in a act oh~ you always lie.caught in a act caught in a act baby, caught in a lie baby. Mom told me to find my path to love oh that where ill get out of your arms. Oh one day ill meet someone who isn't like you.
 Please say, she is the one who is lying and its not you, please say it.its like letting go of someone i loved the most in the world.i grew into a dark depression because of you
I will never be with you after what my friend said you little player
Oh~ caught in a act oh~you always lie.
Caught in a act. Caught in a act baby. Caught in a lie tells me to laugh more than once and ill be fine now. Oh thats when i will find my path to love.
Yeah yeah yeah...yeah yeah yeah...yeah yeah yeah e-yeah....


  • Dustin Cooper

    Dustin Cooper

    I Love This :)

    Dec 01, 2019

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