The Cat That Comes Read Count : 35

Category : Books-Non-Fiction

Sub Category : Biography
Once upon a time therewas a little boy he lived in a village and got looked after by this woman named miss cake I know right she was a really rude person she cooked me the same food over and over again I hated it and tasted like milk and blue cheese with dog hair. Yuck but she got yummy stuff like cake and beff and tea chocolate and a lot more anyway one night I heard a noise coming outside and I went to go look I got a scared then I found a black cat with a blue bag and blanket it was raining out there so I thought I will just put you over there. Then I said stay there and please be careful and quiet for me to go to sleep and from miss cake okay and the black cat with a blue bag and blanket meowed like it knew what I meant Okay that's weird well I'm going to sleep goodnight i said meow said the black cat with a blue bag and a blanket.

Thank you so much for your love and I hoped you enjoyed bye and tbc


  • Nov 30, 2019

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