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The society needs several things to be productive, it doesn't matter the economic system, as long as it has these requirements. These are basic requirements, that can bring greatness to a community, even if it has the worst place for people to live in. 

There must be a reward for working. If there no reward then its impossible to have a society that as productive as one that does. There are examples of societies have little resources, and little allies, yet because of a high reward end up better then those around them. 

The best way to have a rich society is if there no corruption in the state, its believed that a 1/4 of the world countries are hold back by a corrupt government. Because these government have high taxation, little amount of personal freedom, this means people can't push the society forward. 

Dollar vaule
When prices rise the dollar loses vaule, but when prices fall it increases dollars vaule. There also the vaule to foreigners, lets pretend you can buy something from anywhere, but you need that country currency, if every country has the same items, at the same price, then there at the same value. If there is a unique item in another then that dollar more valuable, or if price are lower somewhere else then that dollar is more valuable.


  • Nov 27, 2019

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