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They thought they can hide from me? they really thought their protected behind those doors?*scoffs* what a joke they think that can stop me i'm smarter than that i know more than you think.......well then lets see how much those doors can protect them ahhhh you must be thinking but there are windows!!!!! Right you are but thats too easy i won't use them........well not as yet for now its the back doors oh well look at the time i would love to stay and chat but i have business to attend to catch you later.
My first house of the night well look at the time 12am hmmm better get to work now where is the ahhhh here we go locked just as i suspect luckily i can always pick it.......ohh they have got a beautiful kitchen hmmm too bad its gonna get messy these knives are so sharp it can really hurt someone hahaha perfect *slowly walks upstairs*honestly who leaves their bedroom unlocked?whatever lets just get this over with. Oh my what a mess i have made oh well better get going wait just for fun i'm gonna dismantile their bodies i mean who cares anyways..........ahhh all down now its time to go huh 12:30am that took a little while wonder why?*smirks*.

*Alarm goes off* oh well look at the time its time for my meet up with alice don't want to be late uhhhh now where is my car keys oh there it is ok so i have everything hunny i'm off to meet alice ok bye. Oh well i'm here early better i wait*An hour goes by* thats strange alice should be here by now i wonder where she is i should call her
*Ringing*...........*No answer.........*tries a couple of times* something must have happen this is not like her better call the cops.
Ok ok don't panic the police will check her house and see if she is ok calm down lily calm down*knock at her door* hi miss lily? Ummm yes i am detective Anderson i would like to have a little chat with you about miss alice santia can i come in? Ummm yes sure please do how can i help you detective? Wait is alice alright? Miss Miller your friend has been murdered along with her husband last night.........Wait what this can't be who would do such a thing.......well miss miller thats why i came her to question you it was a grusome crime scene i can't describe or go into details but i need to ask you some question if you mind? Not at all go ahead.....ok.

Where were you that night miss miller?
I was at home doing my nightly routine then going and sleep.

Did you talk to miss santia that day?
Yes i did we talked about meeting up today.

Did miss santia behaved strange or anything?
No just like her normal fun loving self she sounded happy and cheerful like she always do.

Do you think anyone would want miss santia dead?
No no alice was a kind and fun person everyone loved her no one would dare want her dead.

Did she had any enemies or someone who naturally hated her?
Nope not one.

Whats that smell?
I know it smells horrible i haven't even taken out the trash as yet my bad sorry for that

Ok Miss Miller thats about it i will contact you if i have any more questions its getting late and i have more work on this investagation to be done enjoy your day and thank you for your time oh it was my pleasure i hope you slove the case bye.......oh detective Anderson little did you know you were talking to the murder all this time i was the one who kill little miss alice santia.....why?.....simple i hated her she always was little miss perfect always loved by everyone was never wrong always got the looks and was lucky it felt so good to just plunge that knife into her still beating heart i wish i could re live it but i can't oh well better get working this paper work won't file themselves won't it alice*opens drawer* oh that looks kills me everytime hahahaha oh well sweet dreams doll sleep peacefully.
Oh wait you really thought i was gonna murder my whole street no i am not well only those who feel they are perfect......sweet dreams.


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    Dec 07, 2019

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