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We fall into traps believing what society teaches, 
blinding our minds to chase what isn't needed. 

Life is a fountain we all drink from daily, 
while many fail to monitor their behaviors. 

Week after week, 
weak willed ones lose minutes and seconds, 
chasing fast cash, faster women and losing their blessings. 

Children are crying out for guidance and wisdom, 
while single mothers stay struggling
and their fathers lost to addictions. 

Addicted to,
drugs, guns,money, alcohol and women ,
other fathers are dead, or locked in a prison. 

A prisoner of thoughts, 
inactions or bad habits, 
or a prisoner of state with guards controlling their actions.

Most folks don't vote 
and wonder why some laws do, or don't pass, 
why taxes are raised, welfare gets cut
or why jobs are in such demand.

Grants for school becoming increasingly harder to attain, 
because people get their check 
and drop out the next second or day.

We fall into traps believing what society teach us, 
as the youth keep seeking guidance, while learning fiction, 
from misguided leaders.



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