The Defense Of Your Capital Read Count : 5

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Capitalism is one of the best systems, it feeds the people; however socialist hate it, because of inequality. This is about defending capitalism from socialist arguments.

Inequality of wealth is needed, image if a dollar was seen as a piece of paper that said you severed someone, and when you buy something its the same as being rewarded for helping someone. This is impossible in Socialism because the only way is to force them to help at gun point. 

If there was no human want for more Socialism would be the best system, but under capitalism people have to work to get more. In Socialism your given it, but your forced at gun point to do work so other can be severed. 

There a minimum wealth, its public property, and welfare you receive, under capitalism you can rise from the minimum, but under Socialism your forced on that minimum and you must stay there. 


  • Nov 26, 2019

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