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I keep trying, but I can’t quite, 

put into words how I feel tonight.

It’s one of those days where I’m thinking of you,

And all the memories of the times we’ve been through. 

One that springs to mind more often than not.

Was the last time I saw you, you were scared and you’d forgot.

You said you couldn’t remember how you’d come to be there.

With hospital gowns and dressed in hospital wear. 

You asked if you were poorly and if you’d recover.

And you wanted to know what the doctors discovered. 

You asked about grandad who’d been gone for years

And I tried to explain while I fought back the tears. 

We went back in time on a magical journey. 

As you laid there so still on the hospital gurney.  

Back to a time with you, me, grandad and Jess 

Back to a time when your mind wasn’t a mess. 

Back to what you could remember, which was over five years ago. 

But when we came back to present you wanted to know.

We’re you Ill? were poorly? would you go back home?

Was your hair looking scruffy? Where was your comb? 

Why couldn’t you remember how you got here?

And what’s this buttony thing they’ve put by your ear?

All these questions you asked because you wanted to know. 

Why it was that your mind was failing you so.

You wanted to know why your mind wasn’t working

But you see in that dark all the bad memories were lurking. 

You couldn’t remember being Ill or living in a home. 

But you could remember your bright green shiny gnome.

You couldn’t remember your fall or the pain. 

But the memories of Christmas you could regain.

And though dementia it sucks when it wipes the mind clean 

I’m grateful that to you some memories were unseen. 

This memory of you it creeps in everyday,  

Seeing you, my grandma, loose your mind this way. 


Love you always



  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    A sad sad story with beautiful🦋courageous Writing 🦋My heart goes out to you both 🦋🦋🦋🦋❤️

    Nov 26, 2019

  • Jun 15, 2020

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