The Phantom Pt 3 Read Count : 35

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Sub Category : Drama
Next day.....


The phone rings, I stay laying down on the hard mat I use for a bed looking up at the leaking ceiling wondering if it's a job or more of a waste yo answer. The phone rings again, this time it continues to ring till finally I cave, picking up my phone with my right hand as I move my right thumb over answer call pressing down as I move the phone up to the right ear. From the phone a man says "It's time, meet at the said location in the envelope on your door" the call ends as the man finishes speaking, I quickly get up without hesitation getting my gear and other equipment before heading out the door.


The dark sky bares it's beauty as I look up gazing upon the stars, the moon hidden as if setting the stage for me The Phantom. After a time four vehicles pull up, armed escorts get out of the vehicles followed by The Old Man. Seeing their arrival I move from the rooftop of a near storage building, making my to the warehouse they went into.
"Knock knock" I say as i come from the shadowy part of the warehouse entrance. The guards quickly draw their weapons forward aiming them yo protect their boss, The Old Man signals them to stand down "Good of you to show up, the target is a nuclear engineer it is said he is finishing a total of six nuclear weapons which he plans to auction off, I want you to end him before any of that happens and if you get interference by the family kill them too, guards are kill on sight." he says to me.
"Consider it done" I say before taking the information on the target, quickly leaving the area as I prepare to begin the job.


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    Nov 26, 2019

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