Mystic Creatures: War Of The Angels- Nightmares Read Count : 70

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Sub Category : Fantasy
"Ace! Help!" Cried a familiar voice. He looked around, worrying. He ran around in the dark. Tears started to form, Ace fought against them.

"Ace! I'm scared!" Cried another familiar voice. Ace stopped and went the opposite way. More tears fell; he collasped.

A light shined down. Ace looked up, he saw Hazel tied up on a pole. He cried and ran towards her. She was unconscious. Red marks all over her body. Every step he took Hazel got further and further away. He kept running; as fast as he could. He yelled. Shouted. Cried.

A big rumble started. Kenzie appeared from the ground. Ace paused. He started sweating. He looked back at Hazel then Kenzie and back at Hazel. They were both equal distance from him. A big ray came from the sky and hit Kenzie. A huge gust of air blew Ace to the ground. Ace got up, wiped the blood from his mouth and stared at the pole where Kenzie was at. Another gust of wind blew Ace to Hazel. He looked up, Hazel was already dead. His eyes widen then filled with tears.

Hazel's dead corpse screamed, waking Ace up from his slumber. He looked around, his heart beating out his chest. Black shadow figures surrounded his glass chamber speaking in a forgotten language. Ace strgguled to get free, running into the walls. A gas was sprayed into the chamber, knocking Ace out; falling asleep.

"Ace wake up!" Yelled a lady. Ace woke up, in his bed. Confused. He saw his mom standing next to him, he smiled and started crying. He went in for a hug but denied by his mother. He was confused. She tossed him clothes and left his room, "Hurry ad dress and help your pathetic father in the garden." Ace looked down at his clothes, they were too small for him. He looked in the mirror, he was 8.

He came downstairs after dressing and went out back. His dad was slaving over a patch of tulips, plucking out weeds. He shook his head and went to help. Hours later they went back inside for dinner.

"I love you mom," Ace said looking at his mom.
"Shut up you mistake!" Ace mother snappped. His heart broke. Dropped everything and left.

He woke up again. Tears in his eyes. The figures were still there; staring at Ace crying with their yellow needy eyes. Ace yelled breaking the restraints.  More gas was released into his chamber.

He was a bystander. Doing what he did, ignoring what he was was told. A trumpet blew then drums banged. A band, marching down the streets, were walking pass him. He saw a glimpse of Kenzie sitting in a chair of gold and lapiz lazuli. He waved, she ignored. He followed to her castle. When it fell to night Ace snuck into Kenzie's bedroom to say hi and talk.

"Guards!" Cried Kenzie. Ace shook his head. Guards came in and tackled Ace to the ground. He fought back hard, he accidentally touched Kenzie. A guard saw and killed Ace. Blood covered Kenzie; stained her walls, floor, and bed.

Ace woke up. Has was next to him hanging by her arms in her underwear. Ace looked down, he was in his underwear too. He saw Jackson talking to another girl. Jex. Jex looked Ace and smiled, "Fun." Ace shook and wiggled. Struggling to break free. Jex whispered in his ears; his eyes widen. Heat came off of him, Jex smiled and backed up.

Jackson punched Ace in the stomach. He slapped Ace. Stabbed him. Kicked Ace. Ace coughed up blood. Hazel came to and saw blood dripping from Ace's nose and mouth. Jackson came kissed Hazel on the lips. Hazel nearly threw up. She spit all the saliva and affection out her mouth. Jackson slapped Hazel; Ace roared in anger. Jackson wrapped his hand around Ace's throat, choking Ace. He whispered in Ace's ear, "Say goodbye!"

Jackson walked off chuckling. Smiling as well. Jex walked up to them. She knocked Ace to the ground. He watched helplessly as Jex put a gun to Hazel's head.
"No!" Ace Cried, crying blood. Jex smiled and pulled the trigger. Blood fell in Ace's mouth. His eyes were stuck on Hazel's bloody body. Jex walked up to Ace, blood was on her lips. She licked it away and pulled the trigger again.

Ace woke up. His eyes were completely red from tears and blood. He cried blood; full of anger. He roared in anger, lighting his chamber in fire. Burnt the glass. His demon eye appeared. Jackson appeared. Ace put his hand on the glass and melted it. Blood dripped from his eyes and hit the ground, melting a tiny hole into the ground. Jackson backed up. Ace used a fire breath attacked and caught the whole lab on fire. Ace went around destroying everything. Viles. Beakers. Testtubes. And expensive equipments. One of the shadow figures, before dying injected Ace with a mysterious substance.

Ace passed out. Jackson left, leaving Ace for dead.


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