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HERE I stand looking in the mirror
I stare at her the vision seems clearer
She has a handsome man, I have to get rid of her.
We come up with a plan, it involves her sister.
I figure out a way to be alone with him.
We set her up to go to jail, wishing she never gets a bail.
He just bought a yacht, a boat
The boat reads "murder she wrote".
The funny thing is that her sister knows about our afair.
But so what, she'S sleeping with him too, so it's like "who cares".
We knew she didn't know technology.
For me to look smarter, makes the world proud of me.

In all actuality I'm jealous, always have been and always will be.
Thats the whole reason I agree with the more than <3.
Maybe I'll get over him, maybe I won't.
Maybe she will be in his life forever, however this, she won't.

Is it his cologne or his eyes, or is it his personal surprise.
For her to have him, to my control I greatly dispise.

The boyfriend she has now, I hear is another hotty.
With looks to kill, have other women acting naughty.

I'm jealous because she picks them like ripe fruit.
Thier looks as handsom grew from thier roots.

The guys that seem so why and quiet.
She is louder, and I wonder what they like about her.

It's her beauty, that they hold for her.
You'll never see it cause your jealous and envy of her.

Why is this so, you can't say your not.
This is exactly what it looks like in the internet we all see you give it all that you got.

Wondering if he said " pull the trigger", would you?
From the way that you act, and talk about me , how could you? 

I think back in 2011 and 2012 and remember how you act and the last days I seen you. And think about what I know now and I think who are you? Seriously blown away, if you don't want me to do drugs then why continue to try and hurt me.
People who use drugs they start off by having fun. And then they use it to mask pain and sorrow to block things out especially when alone.

However I don't think you care about my problem #1 your in the medical field you know how drugs do people and why they use them.

What you are doing is because you fell in love with him.

I seen his mug and his charges and it reminded me of him and its true problems.

I can have so much better than that and I do thats why I'm through with everything and everybody including you.

I'm moving away from my own kids when they want thier mom maybe they will be my kids again.and I owe that all to you and mickey mookie Alexis and the people y'all lied to.I hate they couldn't see through you.

Reap what you sow real or play all I know you can't ever get close to another boyfriend today.

Camaro is what I own now thanks for the push and its RED WITH CHROME AND TIRE.

ANYWAYS I'm never down for ever look real close pay attention and oh I seen lots of your work to make me hurt make me cry, well you need to often mention.
With consistence and hard work, All of my success will out way the hurt.
He'll be who he is a boy with gay pride.
And you and the cat his lesbian wives.
I'll be looking and laughing as you forever write about me.
I'm a legend I made you and I made me.
Your nothing without me don't forget it.
Did it so easy for you. the scripts I pitted.
When celebrate in 10yrs , you will just remember where you came from my dear.
By felicia is what it is the statements made for you not me my name is Cassandra and that's " who I be".


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