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You should know it's hard to find the words at times. The pages are empty and seem to beg me to cover them. This worn old pen has been faithful to me. Standing true between my fingers and guided with my thumb. Each letter it carves in ink connecting the new with the old. Every word it spells and the sentences its wrote. Slowly it continues to drag along needing a push from time to time.
Life is and that's just it. We never know what is coming only what we hope for. We never controle the entire design only the structure that lays out before us and the pieces that we adjust as it follows. I am lost and I've tried so many times to find my way. I am broken I've tried to fix myself but it's not easy dealing with the pain it hurts more everyday. I set in silence going over things playing with my memories hoping somehow they would all change. My walls crumble the beams of support tumble as it all collapses. Inside of me its hurting so bad and I cant stop it or make it go away. I hate this life although I charish the time and life spent loving the people who hate me and could care less if they talk to or see me day by day. We all have families or someone we love that's the better or worst part of you.
Finding compromise with your opposite is hard. Building a solid foundation will equal out the pressures and give you some balance leaving you a fifty percent chance either way. It's not a struggle if you are doing your part. Love isn't reasons from excuses of why someone puts a "but" in a sentence before Love. Thats nothing but lies. Love dosent have reasons or excuses to why it works. Love runs its self it needs no help as it goes without saying and exist even without its creators.
When troubles are upon you from the ways you have been. When everything is falling apart and on the brink of destruction you hold it in. So quiet you set in silence thinking of the way it used to be and wish it could be again. The sound of clicks it never stops. Each one behind us as is creates our past. Before is now and now becomes then. You worry about what's already and has not happened. Now is what matters you need to know time isn't real it dosent exsist everything is done in the present it's not what you make of it but how you feel.


  • Dec 10, 2019

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