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I do not exist.

I do not exist,

Because I am not the body.

I am the soul.

But without me your nothing.

Still and immoveable.

Just fixed.

I don't exist

Because of the nature and universe .

But they do live because I am.

Stars shine because I am.

Sun rises because I am.

I do not exist

For some or few time.

But I was before the time started.

And will be after also.

Time is irreversible.

But I am capable to do so.

I don't exist

In anything .

But I am in everything.

I am in the finest partical

And in the finest creature too.

You cannot see me

By your eyes

And not even by any micro or tele scope.

You cannot touch me

By your fingers or hands

And not also by wearing any magical gloves.

As said -

Water cannot wet me.

Fire cannot burn me.

Air cannot dry me.

I was never born

And will never die.

I do not exist

Because you are unaware of me.

If you know me. I am nearest to you.

And if you don't then

"I do not exist ".

Then who am I ?.......

✍️ Vikram Singh Bhati (Viksa Jodhpur).


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