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I don't know if you believe in miracles or just doughting  that miracles do just happens. 
  Well here's my story when I was little girl I got very sick ,so sick and basically stayed in the hospital. Here I am at Children's hospital getting treated for my sickness I am on my way to have my first heart surgery and I am only 7. As I come out to recovery I see bright lights that is God saying you can't bet me you are me.The same day I wanted to go into the play room but the thing is I just had surgery and I had to recover, but guess what after hours of sitting I'm in the play room like ain't nothing never happened to me. Miracle's you say?  I have had a normal life it has been hard now I'm older , I have been into a bad car wreck  I have fractured 7 ribs and broken left foot and ankle and I have to have my right leg amputated. Should I ask why God ? Know because I almost didn't make it but I did I even got to see Angles 🙏 as candles lightning all around me full force God surrounds me.I say to my self God why Me , He says child your part of the me On Your Good days and your bad I will make you whole. I cried for hours not knowing what he meant. But I made home again . Today I'm in the hospital I was ill didn't know I was diabetes and I was so sick it could have been my last breath it went to the hospital and they sent me home but two days later I came back and they kept me saying it was bad I could of had a diabetic coma but Again God has a plan and I am writing you today saying it is Miracles some where even if we can't see them. We have to believe the things we can't see Because it's there in the back of our minds and into our hearts


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