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My eyes sees her abd i love her
Her smile is wide ,big and beautiful i look at her, she is young as the star but still make the sun that much jealous. 

My heart runs , im in love with her. 
It runs but not to her. Though it runs ,it runs to my crying place .yes i cry because i miss her. 

She has not left me i just did not get her .
She says she loves me too, i wait looking at her but i cry , i cry because its all a dream i knew it.

My mind provides the provision of the world full of love ,peace and hope. But still i cry .
 I cry out the cry which is inside 
Because i cant have her.

I see her every day i just miss her and 
Not on the road but in my heart .tbe heart hears what the eyes sees and it wants what the hands can't have ,so i cry.

I miss her, i hope to run to her one day 
When fear has let loss the strong hold it made in my mind and my heart is powerless to feel but does feel fear.

Love her ! Miss her ! - by THABANG TSHEHLA 


  • Dec 10, 2019

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