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My dreams are described as unachieveable
But that Doesn't mean they are unbelievable

My dreams can be descibed unimaginable
The haters say they are impractical

My dreams always seem to Cloud my head
I hope that my dreams aren't a regret

My dreams you have to work for 
Make ideas grab the pencil shut the door

My dreams you can't give up on
There something you have to fall upon

My dreams are very extraodinary
You have to be very cautionary

        My dreams - by theo


  • Thabang  Tshehla

    Thabang Tshehla

    i like man 🐸

    Dec 09, 2019

  • Dec 09, 2019

  • Louise Goudswaard

    Louise Goudswaard

    Like You

    Dec 09, 2019

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