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(Rose Mary is a spice used when cooking human flesh for consumption.)
That son of a bitch!!!
That one is called Rosemary,  she isn't ready yet... he chuckled as he watches the child run past my leg.

He pulls out a large tank of some liquid, it's clear and I can see the body of a child floating naked Midway in it.

I do not know how I appear to them when I do appear but I believe stalwart and serious.  Perhaps with no emotion showing

I listened as he told of his endeavors, he reveled in the sickness of eating human flesh. Not just human but young female human flesh.

He said "oh they were the two sweetest little girls" and he described the place .a
 A Warehouse by a dock.
He talked about the softness of their skin as he pulled it from their 
 bodies. The horror!

I stand.  Silent,  and sickened,!  he continues to sing the praise of how he was able to have two delicious meals, and pay homage to evil at the same time.

I leave.

I was sickened but this time I know what I'm here for,
 I design the weapon. 
A long spear with a heavy ball on one end
and a metal double edged spear on the other.
I use it to balance over the beams on my way back. 
 Over the old rotting Dock,  and up through the pier.
 There's a spot where feral cats are swarming...looking for any chance at a meal!  They would have had me for dinner in an instant!
I am afraid of cats, but not today! I have a mission!
I look down and carefully make
my way towards the place where he lives , the whole place is upside down. There are no floors to walk on, You have to use a rope to swing or suspend from platform to platform, or pull yourself all the way from one end to where he is on the other end.

There are little closets,  and dark disgusting crawl spaces. 
Piles of children's clothing and what appears to be a small body under an old curtain.
My heart races, I have no time for fear.  In one millisecond I must decide what, and how.
 I' am above him now.... I brazenly begin to smash and throw glasses and containers onto the floor. He rears his head back and laughs Loud and evil...,

 I descend upon him, he has a weapon similar to my own but one crack to his head sends him hurdling back downward.
  On his way down I thrust my spear through his neck and retracted it quickly,  smashing him again so hard in the back of his head and neck that his back brakes and separates from his skull.

He is dead! I did it! no more fear. I am a warrior, I am a soldier.
The end.


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