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Revised version of letter to guardian adlitem 

I received your report and recommendations that you have submitted to the courts. Immediately I had concerns and doubts by the way I was treated. Much like the first of our communications when you didn’t even have my name correct mirroring the work of the social worker Iris Morales whom over 2 years and after several court proceedings also unable to get my name correct, sent me to an evaluation where they didn’t know of me or any evaluation and to another where the contact person didn’t work nor did they ever work there. Then when I had my own evaluation completed she wouldn’t return calls to provide the collateral needed to complete the evaluation and then continued to accuse me of not having the evaluation completed timely. The previous guardian assigned to the case lied to the court, claiming to have sufficiently completed his obligations to the family. The Guardian was to submit a new report each month but instead of a new report at each hearing, instead he submitted the same report each month changing a few words or adding a sentence. Now accused, again, of being uncooperative but we both know that is not true because I did provide you everything you needed to complete your investigation. Just as I did from the very beginning when this all began in 2014 and just like then no one took time to actually read or look at what was provided. It took two years until judge Erica Mcdonald was provided with a copy of all 500 documents and only after I was denied my right to a trial and filed a request for reconsideration. Then I received an order stating “upon review of the case file and on the merit of the case jurisdiction is terminated”, you failed to mention this and state this action was taken because of other reasons. I know my rights as an American citizen and educated my self by reading on the very topic and problems of the Guardian ad litem program here in Minnesota. Yes, I am holding my ground giving the alarming performance by a system which I had absolute confidence in. Which is the reason I haven’t done exactly as I was being intimidated to do because of the similarity of the result of that when I did. By providing only documents with indisputable facts backed by substance of which is required to be legal facts and or evidence, and nothing but that. I don’t see how me telling or reading you everything I have provided you with is or would be in anyway better than if you were to complete your obligations to the court except maybe easier and less work for you, much like just an easy way out. Then you’d be basing your findings on hearsay because unless you have actually looked at it you couldn’t testify as to it being actual fact. This is just an example of what I have witnessed and to be honest, I am not in the least surprised as to how you have conducted your investigation, one would consider the work to be of an uneducated individual. I take pride in my work and when I go home I know the work I preformed through out the day was done correctly. Even though I’m noting in a position where if I hadn’t, it would ultimately affect someone personally but I still think about choices or decisions made at work and if I made the right ones or not and if I feel I didn’t I fix it as soon as I can. The reason I say this is because I don’t know how someone in your position can live with them selves knowing that they didn’t do what is expected or what you agreed to when you took the responsibility to do just that and especially when it could greatly affect a person’s entire life and in this case not only one person but several individuals. That is just inhumane, I have to ask how you do this and feel ok doing it? Is it because you believe you have immunity not to have lawsuit brought against you or is there another motive to conduct an investigation with such negligence. As with anyone uneducated in any particular field can only do their incompetent best I guess. I do however have some questions. Did you look at any of the legal evidence that I had provided to you such as police reports, letters from witnesses, I had provided you? I contest, whereas on the grounds that you had reviewed such documents and the case file, then you undoubtedly would have been able to distinguish the false and contradicting statements when comparing all of your provided files and information along with the information that you readily have access to given your position and responsibilities in this case. I find it very disappointing that anyone would short change or deprive any person or persons when it comes to something as fragile and important as family. The time not only that has been lost but future time as well that is irreplaceable. Nothing nor no one can fix or replace it and to prolong it further due to negligence or whatever it may be I find it unacceptable and it only furthers my trust and disbelief in the system. As I had tried to discuss with you over the phone and instead of just listening to what I was trying to voice respectively, you instead informed me that you would just make a false statement to the judge stating and I quote “should I just tell the judge that you are not interested in establishing custody anymore”. Like I tried to express to you, this is exactly what I was terrified of especially after the last three years that have been unjustly taken not only from me but from my kids as well and now instead of the truth being exposed and rightly confirmed. The process restoring the damage done to my right to father and my kids rights to have a father depriving the 3 of us to have a loving relationship is again inexcusable and as I can only assume prejudicially taken away once again now instead I’m left with a situation where I am trying to correct and defend myself against uncompleted negligent work by the system put in place to do the exact opposite and is supposed to protect every citizen against this very situation. Not pursue and push more false information against me and my character. Like I had told you on the phone when I stated in don’t trust anyone anymore and went on to tell you about other sons mom having colleen come to court proceedings she had no reason to be at and you go on to take hearsay from the two of them and use it like it is fact again unbelievable indead but I will not back down and I'll keep this system from dragging me down hope you've got cruches cause I'm going to stand my ground and will not stop untill what is right is shown and adjusted accordingly you can call me impossable mountain cause you will not conquer me have a great awakening day 

                                                                                  Jeremy , Boles


  • i took my time and these are my kids so i didnt wanna cut it short of anything what so ever

    Dec 09, 2019

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