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I used to smile untill I met you well bitch you stole them words right outa my head now wish sometimes I's  dead 
        Gettin off on cutting me down loving the sound of the words that come outa your own mouth 
         Heartless bitch with an undeniable talent that smothers putting words in the mouth of others  un-backed but you provide as fact 
              Another day another attack I'm not supposed to watch my back when it comes to you,  claiming your so true but can't admit to the shit you do 
        In my face when I'm tring to sleep But now you sleep in the middle of the day afraid everything I wanna say telling me to just go away 
       In this mindset I'm forced to stay untill you wake up and wanna play your game  it's always the same and I'm always the one left to blame  
       Knowing better I decide to let it  go knowing it won't be long  before I am
I'm shown again I was wrong by big fuck you I hate you I wish you dead it's all in my head  is what you claim but its 0what i hear I  hear your voice continually saying
       And here I wait for you to awake and break me down I must just love the sound of it I have no idea why I'd wanna quit  and no idea why I'd wanna hit the place I keep hearing it from  i must be fucking dumb it's what you always say maybe you are right I shouldn't wanna fight


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