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"Failing score again huh.... " A girl mumbled as she look at her own test paper.

Why? I made sure I review for this exam but why did I got a failing score? How about the effort I made and those sleepless night? Were they all for a naught? She thought as she crumbled the test paper and looked outside the window of their school. She made a huge sigh before going home, thinking of how would she explain the failing score to her parents.


Aika sat on the near bench, she thought of what she would say to her parents while waiting for the train and realized that it will only stress her more so she decided to grab her cellphone and open her favorite game, onmyoji.

I'm Aika and I'm not a fast learner, for some reason I have to repeat reading the book over and over again for me to understand it. Is it because I'm dumb or my mind is really not set for academics? I don't know... And I couldn't care less. All I need to do is pass those exam and finish my degree. Aika thought while doing the daily quest in the game and at the same time doing the event.

"Ohhh.. This handsome villain is quite arrogant huh.. I have to catch up in this game, I've been busy with my academics this past few months. That I haven't been able to grind and play" Aika muttered to herself as she join the event called War of Mt. Oe in her cellphone.

Well maybe those people who have more power are all arrogant. Those people who have money, who have high intelligence.. Name them all... Is it because they have something they're proud of? She sighs at her thoughts and closed her phone.

I don't have qualities that I can be proud of. Afterall... I'm just a loser. She closed her eyes and made a big sigh.

When she got home no one was there. Her parents probably went overtime. She dropped her bag and jump on her bed.

This is the usual day for me... yet why do I feel lonely? She thought and close her eyes.

Oh yes.. I still have to see what happened on the battle between shuten and otakemaru... She opened her eyes and closed it once again and made a huge sigh again. Tears fall down from her eyes, she cried and cried, she didn't know why, she just wanted to cry. Probably all those effort that came to naught, she's too tired for eveything.

Minutes has passed or maybe an hour, aika cried herself to sleep.

♕♕♕ Author's note : Starting from now on it'll be Aika's point of view ♝♝


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