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This is a tale about a hunter named Franklin during the colonization America, he hunts for fur. He's in Michigan by the great lakes, looking for Indians to sell his furs too. However these Indians unknow to our hero, these Indians believe that killing for any more then using there resources for only your tribe was punishable by death. 

"Sir, I've come to sell my furs." Franklin said to the chief. "I'll sell them for land, or fish." "I see." The chief said hiding his anger. He grabbed Franklin suit and ripped his shirt. "You've broken our tradition! Now you be punished." The chief yelled. Franklin pulled out his pistol "you're savages who kill for fun!" Franklin yelled while backing out of the hut. He felt a great pain in his shoulder, he been hit by an arrow. He dropped his gun, and got on his knees holding his hands together beging forgiveness. "Go to the hunting lands!" The chief yelled. He and the tribe when to the valley. 

Franklin was stripped from his wepons. The chief was debating with the tribesmen what to do to him. "Run!" The chief yelled as he pushed him to the valley. He saw the tribe stretching like they where gonna run a race. Franklin realised he was running for life. 

He ran, but the tribe took his shoe's and the mud from the rain slowed him down. He ran for at least 1,000 paces, before he heard screaming, and laughter. He didn't look back, every step was harder then the last, but the tribe maybe right behind him. 

He ran for a long time before he felt his energy lower, yet he could still faintly hear there laughter. So he ran up wards, he went up a hill, it was slow, and hard but the higher he got the more mobile he became. I lucky wasn't allowed to have normal clothes, but the fur i brought, so I could run for longer. 

The hill became flatter, both by the curve, and bumps; however I was at only 1/7 of the hill, and the laughing got louder. I turned around, but they where so far away if I wasn't on this hill I wouldn't see them, I ran digital, up the hill, and forward. 

I saw my path end, a river not far away breaking the hill, it was a wide river. I knew it would be freezing. I then realized, there was no screaming, or laughter, just me running, i looked and saw no one on the path. Then horror came into my mind, the prints in the mud show that I ran up here. I slowly climb through the brushes up the hill to the peck. When I was atleast 4/5 up the hill I saw two things, this was a range of hills, and that the Indians where far way, but close enough to caught up to me. 

I began to plot ways to hide in this range, until I could escape. Then I thought of a plan, I sprinted too the river and found a log, i rapped the lag in my furs, and went back to look for the Indians. When they got closer to hear me I wlak to the river and threw the log into the river, I knew it would only keep them busy enough to let me get far away. I ran to a small abandoned bear den near the shore by the bay. The log was on the other side of the river laying on the grass. Some swam to go get it, but then that turned to most, then only one Indian stay. The rest where searching the shore sure I was over there. 

Even the last guy was forced to go, and help. As soon as all of them left the shore to the main land, I got out of the den, and went into the range of hills, I ran through those hills like there was no tomorrow. I did know may way around, and knew there's a French colony near by. 

It took me a day to get to the colony, but I nearly died several times on the trip, and had to take different way so I didn't get attacked.


  • Dec 03, 2019

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