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By: David Meyersick


This is a story of a group of people that stick together for the protection of others. Let’s get into this story now.

Chapter 1 

Loving Distraction 

… 600 years ago …

    “ I need you to tell me something Sapphire”

            “ what do you want Drake?” she said quietly as she looked at him nervously,

 “ Have you ever liked someone so much that you can’t sleep?” Drake said nervously, 

She stops for a second while the cold air made her shiver then said “ yes, for a while I won't say who though he is much too important to talk about”

“Ok, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then I hope we can chat more,” Drake said before he walked away back to his old beaten down house he calls home. Even with all the dust and antiques, the house was still pretty for the most part on the inside.


At the next day at dawn with the sun glowing, making the sky pink and red as he goes outside to start his morning training. He was not skilled with the sword till 2 years ago when he was bullied and beaten on by the local lords in their fancy castles and it pissed him off feeling so weak, so he decided he wanted to be better with the sword and beat them for a change and began to train. But anyways back to his day as he ate mutton that had salt on it for flavor he walked outside with his sword over to a practice dummy.

 He starts to do small slashes at the gut like normal with the dust and hay flying from the blade but then Sapphire shows up and walks over to him and says while giggling “ You can’t even slice an apple with your skill” 

Then Drake laughs at her and says back “ well you can’t aim, I nearly got shot last time you had a bow out”.


There was a pause they just stared at each other for a moment then Sapphire asked “ Who do you like so much” 


Drake stops training to turn and look at her, then says quietly “ y-you...  you are the one I think of at night” shocked but happy she hugs him tight it made her so happy to hear him say that to her they have been friends since they were little even with her red scarlet hair he  accepted her while everyone made fun of her and threw stones he would stand in front of them, but now they liked each other more than ever.

    That afternoon Drake was on his way down the street to see Sapphire when a cloaked man with many scars and a large beard jumped in front of him with a worried look in his eyes and said to Drake “ The lords of the hellspawn are back and they are outside I shall help you but we must leave now”(Hell Spawn: demons of the ancient land called Shūen no ji)

Confused and freaked out Drake said “ who the hell are you and I will not leave without my friend” 

Right at that moment, Drake was grabbed tightly by the man so tight he couldn’t get away so Drake roared out with rage to Saphire’s window “ leave now! the danger is near!”

 at the very moment they were outside the castle Drake could see the mountains tall and green but infest with hellspawn everywhere. They ran into the safety of the Jinsei no forest. There they were safe from hellspawn by the forest’s magic which killed them as they tried to pass through, their bodies would explode into pieces.

Chapter 2

Forest of secrets 

    ...2 days later…

    Drake was so mad ever since he left Sapphire and her bright pink hair, that he trained harder than ever on trees slashing them down so that one day he could find and save her. The cloaked man came over to him and said roughly with a smile on his face, “ I know how you feel …”

 But Drake cut him off and said with all the boiling rage inside him, “ You fool! I don’t care what you say, I could have helped her!” he fussed about holding in anger as much as possible but then suddenly he yelled in anger towards the sky. He then smashed through a tree just trying to punch it to calm down, but with shock flowing through him, he decided he was going to run. He ran so far and so fast in the forest hitting branches and leaves out of the way till he found a cave and he hid deep inside. 

    Drake was hurling big boulders the size of a man's chest at the huge cave. The cave was really gloomy, dark, and you could hear strange things from it, but enchanted with ancient power that he will soon unlock. 

… The next morning …

Drake started to explore the cave to find anything useful. He walked down the cold, dark cave halls to find a room that glowed at the end. The room was huge and had a fire going in a fire pit with blue flames, there were figures drawn everywhere on the walls. Drake could feel the magic around him and... in him now. He saw a sword that had writing on it and it said: “Yōso no ken” or “sword of the elements” (on the wall). This sword was giving off smoke and ice everywhere. Drake walked towards it slowly, but when he grabbed it he passed out and dropped to the ground at the same time someone walked into the room...  When he awoke there was a woman fused with life magic(plants), she was a spriggan he remembered it from an old book from a library near his old home. She was tall, slim, and very quiet. She was a green/purple tint to her skin. 

The spriggan spoke to him very quietly and said “ this is a rare sight” Drake didn’t know what she meant and she said "you did not die so therefore you are a rare dragon blood. Probably the last” Drake was still confused and she continued” by your reaction I’m guessing you didn’t know, but no matter, you have potential now that you have your sword with that said, would you like me to take you in and train you to your fullest?” Drake stopped for a second looked at his hands that were warm and thought of how fast everything is happening but then said “ ya I guess I will need it, thank you” 

They continued deeper into the cave and into a new room with beds of ice to sleep on. These beds don't even melt they were made with permanent magic spells. Drake could not sleep that night so he thought to himself for a while out loud “ why am I in this, why me, I am nothing to this cause” by the time he was done talking to himself it was dawn.

The spriggan was outside the door and said: “time to wake up, I must introduce myself.”

 He got up and said “ok I have been up, but my name is Drake, yours is?”

 she looked up at the window in the corner and said: “ my name is Jade Forest, guardian of this cave and the forest.” 

Drake looked at her with a depressed look and said: “well I’m a nobody so what do you want with me?” 

she turned around and walked a little towards him, Then she said: “ I have some clothes for you, put them on please yours are torn up.”  Drakes clothes were ripped and dirty.

Jade gave him the clothes and walked away. There was a black hooded top, a pair of folded-steel greaves, and a pair of dragon plate (steel and bone mixed plates) armored boots, and red leather gauntlets. He put them on one piece at a time, his gold eyes and black hair showed more than ever.

Drake walked outside into the forest it was warm out there you could still feel the sun through the trees. The cloaked man from before came out from behind the trees and hit him in the gut and head in one hit using two branches trying to knock him out but it didn’t affect Drake much at all. Drake and cut the man in two with one strong swipe, Drake stumbled back in fear of his new sword dripping with blood and his strength. Jade showed up and asked with shock and concern “ what happened, are you ok?!”

 Drake could not speak he was way too shocked to speak at the time, so she took him to the cave. Later at dinner, he explained what happened.

… the next day …

Drake went to the lake, it sparkled and was very calm, also not too far from the cave, he wanted to have a bath. He was scrubbing himself when a roar came from the forest cave. He hastily got dressed and ran to Jade’s cave. She was gone so he freaked out for a moment then he ran outside just to see a bear. The bear was huge with black fur and golden eyes. Drake fell back onto the ground from the shock when a Jade comes from a tree nearby hands reaching out and calms the beast with a spell that eases pain and anger. The bear then walked away back into the forest.

Later that night she asked Drake if he was alright and he said ya but then he started to question how she did it then she turned to him and said magic was what she used. He knew that so he asked if anyone can do magic. But she shook her head no and said: “ only some may poses magic and yet you can but you must learn, training will start tomorrow.”

Chapter 3


… dawn the next day…

It was dawn when he awoke and got ready when Jade showed up and said: “ hey, by the way, the clothes I gave you are for both mage and rogue so you will move fast, use magic, and handle damage done to you, now hold your sword up.”

 He did so and as he held it out forward she said, “ say ‘sviga lae’”

 He did this and the blade burned with intense heat so hot it would melt any other metal as he found out by using it on the sword he had before. Drake was shocked at the power he had.

Jade was happy for him. That night she went back to her room to relax. Drake was so curious about what he could do that he could not sleep. Since Drake was awake he went outside with the full moon and nice cool breeze. He decided practiced his magic powers learning new ones as well. He learned ice by feeling the sadness within himself and projecting it into the blade itself and as he swung the blade a slash of ice was cast out from it. His fire was improved with the anger he had pulsing through him straight into the blade. Wind he seemed to have done on accident while he was testing ice again. Then poison he found by being bit by a snake that night but he was too happy to notice, he was growing in strength.

Drake was sitting by the lake when Jade showed up to see what he was doing. Then she asked with curiosity “ how do you feel today?” 

Startled he span around and said, “ Oh, sorry I didn’t see you, I have practiced all night to show you my determination to fix this world.”

 she was puzzled and asked, “ what do you mean?”

Then he said, “ my fire for the sword, I improved and learned a few others.”. 

Now she understood and said, “ oh, now what would all that be?”.

 Then he said, “ I won't say I’ll show you instead”. He began with the fire, he activated it without even saying any words and flames burst into existence. Drake then showed off the ice and froze the ground underneath him then slashed, at that moment the ice slash cut the air. Drake continued onto electricity which he needs a boost and asked Jade for the help. At first, she refused but Drake insisted her to shock him. When she did he was able to run extremely fast and shoot lightning from the blade.

...later that night…

“ Drake you impressed me today, good job”. 

They were eating so he stopped and said “ Jade thank you… but I must do better to save my friend from the hellspawn and if you want you may come with”.

 She thought about it “ yes, I will but my forest will not be safe anymore that means we will leave quick and early”

… the next day…

Drake awoke the next morning to Jade packing and he started to as well. She looked at him and said, “ I have taken down my magic forcefield on these forests, so the hellspawn will flood in soon and we should leave”. Drake grabbed his things and armor, and then they both ran outside the forest back way. With all the mud from the storm from the night before it was difficult to move through it all.

...That night…

“ Drake, why do you want to fight so much?” Jade asked quietly.


Drake got up and said with sadness “ before I came here, before this all started I had this woman, a friend but I loved her and she just told me she loved me since we were little but then this all started and that man from before he took me into the forest, he is the one who took me from her… Her name was Sapphire.”  after he explained it all Jade decided it was time to rest.

Chapter 4

The journey begins 

…midnight that night…

“Drake… wake up!” Jade shouted.

 Drake jumped up out of bed and unsheathed his sword quickly and said while still kinda asleep “what's wrong are you hurt, I’ll go get help if I need to.”

 “nothing is wrong just you weren't breathing, are you ok?” Drake stops breathing at night most of the time, but he had a feeling something was wrong, and oh... was he right, off in the distance there was a horde of hellspawn charging right at them breaking down trees as they ran. Drake was walking around and saw them and he drew his sword. It burned with flames at the moment they got close and he was going to need to warn Jade.

The war for him has just begun… Drake charged at the hellspawn and didn’t look back at the direction of the cave. He was too determined and he clashed with the first hellspawn. He swung hard upwards at the hellspawn cutting it in two. As blood sprayed from it he rushed on and in the heat of the fight, he summoned a blade of lightning and water. He cut them down as they get to him and in the corner of his eye he sees Jade rushing into the fight. Jade was fighting and slashing them open but then when she turned he back for a moment she was slashed down her back. Drake instantly burned with rage and magic flowed like a stream into him. Flames burst out of him and his body had a fire aura that burned hotter than the sun but it seemed to have an effect only on hellspawn.


He sprinted to Jade and fell on his knees next to her and placed his hand on her back and said “ I won't let you die… never…” 

His anger and feelings made him realize what he wanted and he yelled “ phoenix of flame and ash heal her!” there was a bright bird made of fire even hotter than Drakes that appeared and dove into her with bright lights and flame glowing around her it healed her completely. The battle was over… for now.

…Early morning… 

Jade was asleep and Drake was eating honey mutton glazed with fresh honey from a hive and drinking blackberry honey mead. Jade started to awaken due to his loud footsteps around the blazing fire and she asked Drake “you truly do care don’t you?” 

Drake turned swiftly and said “ oh my… you scared me but ya I do” 

“ what will you do if Sapphire is well… ya know?” she said. 

Drake stopped and looked up but did not respond.

Chapter 5

New friends

… noon along the road … 

They walked down the road outside the forest when they spotted a cat-like creature wondering so they approached it. It turned towards them and said, “ Who are you, why do you walk out in the open?”.

  Drake responded, “ we are on our way to my old home .”

 The cat creature stares for a while then said: “ I would like to travel with you and see how you fight.” 

Drake said ok but was didn’t ask why. “ oh, where are my manners? My name is Karja.” she said.

 “ Mine is Drake Soul, and this is Jade Forest,” he said back to her.

… That night … 

“ why did you want to follow us again?”  Drake asked Karja.

 “ I want to see you fight and you remind me of my old master I do not know why,” she replied. Jade looked at her then back at Drake. They all decided to get some sleep.

… morning … 

The wind blew steady and cold ash filled the air, flames could be seen in the distance. “ Let’s go, everyone!” Drake yelled.

 They ran to the source of the smoke and found a village in flames. They rushed to find survivors but in the end, there was only one his name was Shi a shadow ninja. They knew him, do to his infamous clothes and took him to a small opening nearby in the forest. They treated him with special herbs and mixed pastes. They let him rest for a while.

… evening … 

He awoke hungrily… “ do we have food?” he asked tiredly


“ calm down geez and yes, here” Drake handed him some steak. 

“ thank you very much what’s your name friend? “ he asked

 “ Drake soul, this is Karja” pointing at karja while she stared angrily at them

 “ that is Jade Forest “ pointing to Jade as she slept.

 “ I want to join you,” he said to Drake. 

“ alright, the more the merrier, I mean why not but let’s get some sleep,“ Drake said. 

… dawn … 

“Wake up everyone, time to train,” Drake said to the tired group.

 “Why so early?” Shi asked. 

“ because I don’t want to waste the daytime,” Drake said to him while they got up.

 They were going to train all morning. Karja and Drake were the first to dual. Karja swung her sword at Drake but Drake dodged and hit her arm cutting her bad. She yelled at Drake “ don’t worry go all out I can heal you after ok.” Drake said.

 She said ok and swung again this time too fast for Drake to dodge and it slashed his gut really deep, but he didn’t give in to the pain he summoned his ice blade and slashed her too. She surrendered and she said, “ you fight just like him.”

 “ like who,” Drake asked.

 “ my old master he used magic too,”  she said.

 Next up was Shi and Drake was up again. “ you sure you can keep up?” Shi mocked.

 “ yes I’ll be fine,” Drake said back.

  Shi didn’t wait he dashed forward fast going for a slash to the leg but ice appeared from Drake’s hand, blocking the strike. Then in an instant, Drake struck him with a lightning blade, but Shi struck quick too and deflected it into his strike hitting Drakes waist. Drake lost and said “ great job friend.” 

“ thanks, whos next?” he asked.

 Then he saw Jade get up “ I am,” she said.

 He didn’t know why but she terrified him. She dashed at him slashing him twice and kicking him once. He fell and Drake healed him. “ it’s time to go it’s about noon.”

So, they walked further down the road to come to a giant ogre. They all got ready but then it fell to its knees and begged for mercy confused the put their weapons and magic away. “ what?” Drake said in confusion.

 The ogre was injured and sick. They decided to help her and so Drake healed her wounds and she felt better and said: “ I thank you, please let me go with you I don’t care where it is.” Drake said ok to her request.

… Afternoon … 

“Are you going to continue to let more people join us?” Jade asked.

 “Ya, why not. It will help us to have friends.” Drake said back.

 They carried on for a while… but then a fork in the road appeared. “ let’s go to the right and see where it leads” Drake said.

Chapter 6

Furry friends

 He could feel a presence nearby and sure enough, a black wolf jumps out but he could hear other barks from not too far. The wolf approached Drake and tugged him, Drake followed him to a pure white wolf that was injured Drake knelt down and asked: “do you both need help?”

 the black wolf sat down near the other wolf and nodded slightly. Drake put both hands over both wolves and a dim light appeared that slowly healed both their health and fatigue. The wolves looked up at him and licked his face a few times then got up and followed as he went back. They were walking back to the others when a group of gray wolves jumped out at them, Drake made an ice shield and blocked them all. “ go all out if you want to help I can heal if you need after.” he said 

Then in a flash they both dashed around the other wolves started to bite and slash at them, so Drake summoned a double-sided flame ice glaive and injured seven out of ten of them. 

Drake said, “hold up don’t kill them all yet.”


all the wolves stopped and Drake looked at the gray wolves and asked them “ do you want to join us and bury the hatchet with these two you all would be a great help to me and my friends and we will treat all of you well, plus I can heal you if you need it.”

 The wolves moved slightly and then he could hear their voices “ yes” one said 

“yes it should be fun” another said

 “ Alright come here,” Drake said in the end.

Chapter 7

The Ambush 

… early evening … 

Drake took all the wolves back to the others back on the road with the black and the white one close to him. “ Shi this white wolf will follow you for good, keep care of her ok?” 

Shi looked at the wolf confused but agreed to keep care of the white wolf. “What is their names?”

 “you choose the one for yours,” Drake said. 

“Seikatsu” Shi said

“Alright well, we need to move on… everyone grab a wolf you like then name it then let's go” Drake said 

Before they could leave, a man jumped out of a tree in front of them with multiple shiny black guns. He walks in their direction holding the gun up at them and started to fire at them as well. 

“I am out of magic at the moment so move it people don’t get shot!” Drake shouted 

Suddenly Karja jumped in front of everyone and caused pillars of earth to rise and block the shots.

“Move everyone, move now!” Kaja yelled holding the rocks up.

But instead, Shi jumped out there and dashed at the stranger cutting only his jacket as the man dodged. A woman started to appear near them and she kicked shi in the gut knocking him back.

“Stay back or I'll do worse!” she threatened. “Are you ok Shinon?”

“Ya just my favorite jacket is ruined,” Shinon said sadly.

The rock pillars went down and everyone but Drake ran forward to Shi.

“Why did you attack us?” Drake asked walking slowly to the strangers.

“To test you,” Shinon said back

“What do you mean, test us?” Drake replied 

“Ugh so boring, ok so we need help with something so we attacked to test you so we could ask for help,” Shinon explained

“Oh my you're injured.” the girl said walking towards Drake.

“I’ll be fine just give me a sec more,” he said back to her. “But what are your names?”

“I’m Yuki muri and this is Shinon,” Yuki said back to Drake helping him up.

“Alright well I am Drake this is Shi, Jade, Karja, and we had an ogre with us but I don’t know where she went.”

“Well we need help with something, we had a guild relic stolen from us,” Shinon said to Drake.

“Well let me see about the others and you went about this the wrong way.” Drake turned to the others “what do you guys think about this?” 

“So what they lost something, they just attacked us plus we don’t even know what a relic of a guild is or does,” Shi said getting up.

“A guild relic keeps their home and land together.” Drake said, “ if we don’t help then their home will be destroyed to put it simply.” 

“Oh, alright we can help I guess,” Shi replied.

They followed the other two towards their home in Phelnexia the town of burning birds. They saw at the center a giant cathedral with the name Fire strands on it. It was their guild hall golden and silver like a holy room of heavenly food.

 “Wow, this place is awesome!” Jade happily said.

“Ya, but it is slowly dying…” Yuki said back.

“Alright, where do we go.” Drake interrupted.

“Oh, um to Jaskas cove but it is heavily protected…” Yuki started to say.

“Alright everyone let’s go get that relic!!” Drake yelled with glee.

“Alright!” they all said at once.

Chapter 8

Burning Sands

They started their journey with new friends. They went down the south road to the Jaskas cove, a cave infested with bandits and giant rats. The terrain started to dry and turn into a desert. The road disappeared from the sand and all that was left their tracks Drake kept summoning ice blade for them all to have cold water, as the sun burned on all day. Soon they reached the cave, it was very dark and infested with black magic.  Suddenly Karja jumps into the cave yelling and laughing. 

“ I think she lost her mind due to the heat…” Yuki said.

“Ya, I think so too” Shinon replied. They all laughed for a moment then walked in following Karja’s voice down the tunnels. The wind inside the strange cave was really cold. They followed the thin tunnel to a room filled with jewels and weapons. 

“Awww ya! my kind of place, do you guys see all this” Shi shouted.

“Wooooow, I thought this was gonna be a bad trip but nope” Yuki said. Then out of the shadows came bandits wielding all sorts of weapons from the piles. They were to slow… Karja fell from above onto one and just dashed at the rest slashing them in half but in the midst of all the blood, you could see a smile on her face.

“ Karja, you scare me sometimes,” Shi said.

“What I was just having fun” Karja replied.

“Remind me not to get her mad ok” Shi whispered to Drake.

Chapter 9

Near Death

 They kept walking through the cave but then they came to another room. The room was massive and in the middle was an old sword another draconic sword like Drakes but way older. Suddenly Yuki ran right for it but before anyone could say anything she was stabbed by a trap. After that, a man appeared next to her and just laughed.

“Oh, you poor little fool… soon you will all be the same as her, now come to fight me you peons” the man said in a tough voice. All of the sudden Shi was behind him but the man just flicked him back into the wall. “Anyone else wanna try hahaha,” he said the Shinon started to change his gun magic to an automatic gun and shot electric bullets.

“Yuki!!! YOU SICK BASTARD…  HOW COULD YOU!!!” Shinon screamed.

“Oh with ease she fell for the easiest trap ever not my fault hahaha” the man laughed. Then struck Shinon with an ice bolt while he dodged every single bullet that was fired. Shinon fell unconscious and so that left Jade and Drake with the pack of wolves to deal with the man. Drake looked at Jade and said “ stay here with the wolves, we need them alive” and before she could say anything Karja snatched Drake and went to battle. 

“Oh so now I get to see you fight with me, I think I like this,” she said.

“Oh ya let's do this!” Drake said back. Drake summoned a fire-tipped spear for Karja and an electric sword for himself. They dashed at the man but what he did not know was that Drake and Karja were a lot quicker and they both got a stab in the man but Drake slashed up as well killing the man in one blow, but it was not over and Drake ran to Yuki and healed her as well as Shi and Shinon. Yuki immediately got up and grabbed the old blade.

“Now we can go home you guys can join…” Yuki was interrupted by their symbol disappearing from her arm she stood there in shock of what she saw. 

“ oh no….. Our guild is gone…” Shinon said quietly.

“Hurry let's get back,” Jade said as she made a portal out of flowers. Without hesitation, they all ran into it. They were right outside the guild and all seemed fine at first but then a hoard of hellspawn flooded the streets from within the guilds halls. Some threw dead men and women, along with one child. All their faces bruised and beaten, blood was dripping from them. Everyone was in shock but Drake was filled with rage and dashed at the hoard. Agni ran with him and pounced on one of the hellspawn ripping his flesh and he used an internal spell to increase his strength. Drake was using ice and lightning but since he was mad it did not take the form of his sword it turned into two massive axes. When they looked at him his eyes were black and gold glowing past the mist of blood. The rest of the group couldn’t even move all because of the duo in front of them. Suddenly Seikatsu ran into the fray ripping at hellspawn flesh, turning her furred from the blood. The two wolves did not leave each other alone. With the show of bravery, the other wolves joined in attacking in unison. The group did not want to even go close to the fight. Then they heard Drake yell with this demonic voice… 


They saw him look at the dead kid and understood his anger. They tried to go help but Agni’s ability “Fear Barrier” it made them turn around every time. Drake was then stabbed by about thirteen spears. Everyone began to cry, but then they noticed his smile. He broke all the spears and a spirea fire and metal appeared and wiped out almost all the hellspawn leaving just a hand full. The others were allowed in now for Agni thought they could handle the small number of enemies. The rest was easy but Yuki and Shinon fell to their knees at their guildmates. Drake was still mad but in a second all the deads wounds healed and their eyes opened slowly. All people saw what Drake doing, drawing magic stars out of flame in the air. Everyone got up and hugged him one by one except the boy he saw the dead earlier, he just stared in aah at Drake. Slowly Drake’s eyes went normal but he fell to the ground from exhaustion. Everyone helped set a spot up for Drake to rest, his wounds had become unhealable, for now, so they sat in waiting by his side for five days. After five days around noon he awoke and as result, his wounds nearly instantly healed themselves. Jade was the one standing beside him with a sad look and tears going down her face. 

“ you ass! how could you scare me like that! I thought you died!” Jade shouted.

“ sorry, I really didn’t mean to scare you I thought I died too! ” Drake said hysterically. Jade hugged him really tight to were her boobs nearly suffocated him but of course, he did not mind at all. Everyone crowded around Drake some crying and some filled with joy, the little boy though, he just sat in the corner. Drake asked the others why he just sat there. The others told him how his parents were killed in an attack a few years back but they thought he was over it. 

“Hey little man comes here,” Drake said.

“I don't want to” he replied.

“Pretty please, I’ll show you some of my tricks…” Drake promised.

“Fine but only if you show me your tricks after” he agreed.

“Alright and I’ll let you pet Agni,” Drake said as the boy walked forward. When the boy got over to Drake he sat next to the wolf. Drake started doing some cool little ice figures for the boy and one of them was an ice dragon but it was special, it was animated or moving. The boy just watched Drake as he made more, soon there were about five of the dragons.

“ These are for you but don’t be scared they will help protect the guild it’s my gift to you all,” Drake said in a joyful tone.

“ When I grow up I want to be just like you!” the boy said in the happiest voice ever.

Drake smiled and said “I think you should work hard to get stronger and become who you are meant to be”

“ Alright I’ll start now…” he said as he dropped to the ground and started to do push-ups.

“ Well, we need to take off now so bye bye,” Drake said as he got up.

“ oh… ok well thank you again for helping us” Yuki said back.

“ WAIT!! Let me go with” Shinon yelled as they were walking away. Everyone turned and looked at him in curiosity.

“ Why do you want to leave all these people?” Jade asked.

“ Well it’s not them it’s just this place is getting old, hell I would like everyone to go and find a new place but they are too stubborn,”  Shinon said back.

“Well if you're going then so am I… you can’t get rid of me bud ”  Yuki said in a shy way.

“ Is everyone ok with them leaving?” Drake asked.

“ Yes, but take the little one to hehe” an elder chuckled.

“ Ya know what why not I would love to train the kid…” Drake was saying but got cut off by Karja “ I will train him it sounds like lots of fun!” she said in a happy tone.

“ well, I guess it is settled you three are coming with us,” Drake said.  

Chapter 10

Old friend

                   Drakes childhood friend Victor the was last of the wolf-born. They used to play all of the time, throughout the years of their young childhood embracing the overpowering sensation of manly outrage, only to end their spar with calming laughter. Until Victor got banished for killing a local lord in the old castle. Victor just so happened to be in the town of Phelnexia while the fight broke out and he saw Drake fight and decided to pay him a visit. Not two hours go by in the long journey a blood red wolf had jumped on Drake saying he will rip his neck off if he moved a hair Drake not knowing who this wolf is but can see the magic from which he came.

 The wolf had changed back to human and Drake yelled out “Victor… I’m gonna kill you.”

Victor had said “don't do it Drake” but Drake had already summoned his ice and flame swords. Victor had summoned his blood to create a longsword and a broad ax. Drake put his weapon in his sheath and so did Victor. They got up and laughed but everyone else just stared with their weapons drawn. 

“ Hey it’s all good guys he’s an old friend from childhood,” Drake said. 

“ You’re getting too easy to jump it’s not like you” Victor laughed at him. 

“ Hey! I’m still tired don’t judge me hahaha” Drake argued back.

“ excuse me who is this?!” Jade asked with alarm in her voice.

They both looked over at her, then Victor suddenly jumped up and over to her shaking her hand. “ My name is Victor I’m Drake childhood friend and cousin,” he said as she looked at him like he was crazy. 

“ so, why are you here Victor,” Drake asked.

“ Just wanting to see how ya been” Victor responded.

“ wait how did you even know where he was,” Karja asked him.

“ Oh, by his sent, it has gotten stronger too,” Victor said.

“ so you wanna join us?” Drake asked victor.

“ ya I was gonna follow you anyways we are family after all,” Victor said back. They began to walk down the street catching up.

Chapter 11

To the City

They walked on the road for a while till they reached the city of Hatima, a modern city with a school of many types one being a school called “Element Fight Academy” where they have open arena training for the students and any outside challengers if wanted. On their way there Drake and the group have a girl with red scarlet hair with purple streaks zoom past on a bike.

“Sorry I’m late can’t explain!” she yelled back to them. They continued to walk there and as soon as they get there they see the girl at the gate arguing with the gate captain. 

“Come on I need for inside the fight today or I’ll be disqualified!” she yelled.

“Sorry can’t let you in since your late” the gate captain responded. Drake walked to them with a smile on his face.

“Sorry for eavesdropping but I heard what is happening and I would like to ask you to let her in.” Drake said.

“Sorry bud she can’t go in since she is late,” he said.

“How about this, I will fight you and your whole guard group, and if I win she goes in, if you win she doesn’t,” Drake said.

“Are you kidding me you wouldn’t win we have a lot of guards,” he replied.

“Ok then it should be no problem,” Drake said.

“Fine but only you right?” he asked

“Yes only me not even my wolf will help deal?” Drake replied looking back at the others.

“Alright I’ll go get ALL the guards,” he said walking away. Drake sat down to take a breath and the girl approached him.

“Hey sir didn’t I pass you earlier,” she asked Drake. 

“Yup and we were on our way here to watch some fights. We heard there was a good one today,” he replied now lying down.

“But I’m the only fight today…” she said.

“The your fight must be good if others even talk highly about you, ” he said as the guards came back. There about thirty guards lined up.

“Wait, why did you want to fight them?” the girl asked.

“For the fight to go on today,” Drake replied while he got up.

“Here we are ALL of us, are you sure you want to do this.” the captain asked. 

“Oh ya this will be fun,” Drake replied as he summoned his electric sword.

“Heh Drake gonna be done to quick to really enjoy it,” Jade said laughing.

“ what impossible there's too many” the girls started to say but Drake started the fight by dashing past four guards.

“Woah you nearly killed us!!” one yelled.

“Stop complaining I’ll heal you after go all out of you’ll lose,” Drake said switching to a fire scythe and jumping over to the middle of them using a whirlwind attack. With no hesitation, the captain used his best attack at Drake, a flame tornado but Drake just absorbed it in his arm boosting his attacking power. Agni wanted to join but he knew better so he sat down and created a fear barrier so no one else could. Drake had already slashed down twenty of them with ease. Drake then summoned a giant wave that crash on them all. They then gave in to Drakes power.

“Alright, alright, she can go in.” the guard said as Drake healed them.

“Now hurry and get to your fight girly,” Drake said to the girl as she runs through. Drake and the others walked in as well. They made their way to the seats above the large arena as the saw the girl and her opponent across from each other, her fight was about to begin. 

Chapter 12

Skillful Scarlet 

    Everyone was cheering for each side and both combatants were ready. The warm air soon turned cold and the seats in the stands froze over. Everyone thought it was part of the fight but then they noticed even the girls on the field were confused. Suddenly an icy pillar arose from the field then shattering into pieces. The pieces formed an ice giant, a creature of myth. Without hesitation, the girl with scarlet hair summoned a fire golem and lightning naginata. She swung with such efficiency and skill but with little damage to the beast. The other girl just ran along with everyone else to a safer distance. 

“So which one of us is doing this one?” Drake asked getting up slowly.

“I will this time since he looks fun,” Jade said as she jumped down to the field with both her swords drawn.

“Anyone else?” Drake asked once more.

“ Oh, why not,” Victor replied as he got up too and transformed. Now both Jade and Victor were on the field. Jade didn’t even wait she dashed in slashing the beast twelve times before you could even blink. Victor realized the beast was all ice so he changed back, grabbed his knife, and cut his hand. After he cut it he used the blood to make an ax and sword. They pulsed and grew to a large state, he dashed forward striking the hand of the beast cutting it off sending the giant to his knees. Jade dashed at the eyes of the beast slashing them open.

“Hurry up guys or I’m going down and finishing it,” Drake said to them. The audience from earlier was just staring at his grin in ah. They began to cheer and shout, Drake had gotten bored and jumped down to the field but before anyone could even blink he was on top of the beast. He summoned his power from within turning him half dragon half man, kind of like before but further into his draken form. He roared and punched right through the beast's skull, splitting it in half. Drake jumped down and then out of nowhere there was a fiery explosion. The ice shattered and Drake slowly changed back to normal as he sat back down. Everyone just sat in ah not know what just happened.

Chapter 13

Recovery and training

“Drake, why did you take our fun away?” Victor asks in a pouty voice.

“You guys were taking to long ” Drake responded. 

“Well done master Drake,” Karja said to Drake with a big smile on her face. Suddenly she jumped at him giving him a big hug and as they landed she gave out a small giggle.

“Is anyone hurt at all and I mean it if you are hurt even if it is from the past please come forward,” Drake told everyone.

“Please help me I think I might have broken my hand trying to fight.” The girl pleaded.

“Sure I’ll help everyone, Seikatsu I need you to help me heal them please and Shinon I want you to cook them something to eat please,” Drake said to everyone and gave them orders so it goes smoothly. Everyone lined up in front of Drake and Seikatsu to get healed, the red-haired girl approached Drake.

“Thanks for healing my hand, my name is Scarlet.”

“Your welcome, my name is Drake…” he said as he introduced him and the others to everyone. They finished healing everyone and Drake just rested while everyone ate some food. Scarlet was with the other fighters from before talking.

“Hey Yami, I was thinking I wanna go with that strange group over there…” she said to her friend while pointing at Drake.

“Are you sure cause they do dangerous things, didn’t you see what they fought?” Yami asked while shifting and turning to Scarlet.

“Ya, I need to get better and didn’t you see how good they were, how they killed it so fast,”  Scarlet responded.

“Well alright… but I’m going too!” Yami said to Scarlet with determination in her eyes.

“Alright, you can’t run from fights anymore though,” Scarlet said to Yami as they got up and started to walk over to Drake.

“Hey Drake, we want to ask you a question…” Scarlet began to say but Drake interrupted.

“Yes you may join we will be here for a few days to train some of you since everyone ran from a fight except you,” he told them. They just stood there for a minute wondering how he knew what their question was but just walked over to Karja and Jade instead of asking. 

“Hello, I and Yumi are going with you guys when ya leave we got the ok from Drake I hope we can be friends, ” Scarlet said as she put out her hand for a handshake.

“God I am gonna kill Drake he keeps getting more and more people into our group, don’t worry kid I’m ok with you two,” Jade said and shook both the girl's hands. They sat and chatted for a while till they fell asleep, along with everyone else. Drake, Victor, and Shi were still up sitting around a small fire outside as the cold night air breezed by.

“We keep getting more people, but why do we?” Shi asked while warming up a bit.

“I noticed that you had lots of new faces with you” Victor added as he gave Shi a cup of hot water.

“Well as we go I am slowly coming up with an idea of a big clan or guild for us fighters,” Drake told them as he bit into some cooked lizard, they were surprised.

“But what of Sapphire” Shi asked grabbing the cup of water from Victor.

“I don’t even know she is still alive the place was about to be overrun when I left” Drake replied as he stood up, it was becoming dawn now. He walked over to everyone else.

“Everyone gets up time for training,” he said, as everyone began to get up he heard others mumble about the time and why they had to get up so early.

“I know it is early but we need to use our time wisely,” Drake said as he motioned for Karja.

“Hi everyone I am Karja I will teach all polearm fighters, so stand behind me please,” Karja said to the large group as they had many polearm users. Drake then motioned Shinon to get up and teach.

“Alright I am Shinon, I will teach all the gun and crossbow users,” he told them as the few gun users and two crossbow users got behind him. Drake then motioned Yuki and so she got up(still slightly drunk from last night).

“A-alright everyone I will teach all the enchanters and creation of magic users,” she said, a really large group still tired walked behind her. Drake motioned both Jade and Shi to get the last group together.

“Alright we will teach dual wielding and parkour,” Shi said, as the last few people got up and walked to them. Still laying on the floor was Scarlet and Yumi, Drake walked over and made a little ice cube and dropped it on Scarlet. She jumped up waking Yumi up at the same time a few people giggled but Drake was standing in front of them.

“I will teach my own group of twenty people but you two are my main priority since you will be with us,” Drake said to them as he helps Yumi up and picked eighteen other people. 

Chapter 14

Karja’s class

Karja was teaching a kid in her group personally since he was to be the polearm leader. He was slow but Karja made act quick with fast strikes. He began to block as fast as he could, he suddenly switched to offense and did several fast strikes but the last pierced her shoulder.

“Oh god I’m so, so sorry please don’t kill me” he apologized as he dropped his spear running to her.

“Hahaha your fine I will see Drake in a bit but you have too much momentum to give up right now back to it come on” she replied as everyone watched her get back up.

“But you're…” he began but Karja dashed at him almost getting him.

“Like I said don’t give up,” she said then she did a spin attack nearly getting him but he blocked. They continued for hours before Karja went and got heal but no one could stop talking about how she didn’t give up even when wounded and yet she still beat the boy.

Chapter 15

The Assassins Class

Jade and Shi were with their class training when one of the students was hiding in the shadows. The kid hated how good they were so he was on a mission to kill them. He dashes at them but Shi disappeared then reappeared behind him holding him in place everyone was watching. Jade walked over to the boy and flicked his head. 

“You idiot thinking you could sneak up us and kill us you need much more skill than what you got, train more or you will lose your battles that matter,” she said to him as she walked away.

“You're lucky I’m hungry or I would have stabbed you, you're off the hook this time pal,” Shi said as he released the boy.

“Oh, and you are now the captain of the assassins,” Jade said to the boy as stood in shock. Everyone went back to training and Shi went to eat. Some of the students finished their placements quick but others didn’t finish at all and that new leader was top of the class dashing through the whole course they trained on, just as fast as Shi.

Chapter 16

The gunmen 

At the same time as all the classes, Shinon was teaching his. They decided that shooting at targets that moved right away was the best idea, the two crossbows were the most accurate so they became leaders as they hit a bullseye every time, splitting their arrows, shooting faster than even Shinon. He showed them how to use magic with it and many made fire all over the place. Some of the guys decided to pick on the small group of girls in the class but one of the crossbow users were nearby.

“C’mon girl let’s have some fun…” one of the guys said as the girl whimpered.

“No! Let me go!” she screamed as she tried to run but the man grabbed her, then suddenly a blazing arrow flew past his face. They turned to see the second leader and all her glory as she slowly walked forward.

“Now boys if you wanted to have fun you should have just asked…” she said to them as she pointed her crossbow at the guys head. The little sister of the crossbow duo came around the corner to see the men shivering and peeing themselves.

“Now now sis remember Shinon wants us to be good so don't kill them…” she told her sister.

“Fine but I can hurt them,” she said shooting the man in the knee. He screamed and had his friends pick him up and take him to the nurse. The other girls there went back to the lunch room to finish eating.

Chapter 17

Drakes class of elites

The day before the end of training, Drake was helping every kid one on one. Scarlet was last for personal training and they decided to spar until she improved. She was still very clumsy so Drake nudged her legs into the right position, fixed her arms, and then she swung and almost hit drake for the first time in her training. Now that she was getting the hang of it Drake decided to go hard on her so why she was distracted he dashed at her she notices last second and blocked she yelped as the sword scraped her hand. She did a quick swipe at his feet and then again at his chest but her hand slipped and her weapon nearly hit Drake in his marbles. 

“Woah watch it I don’t think I can heal those haha” Drake joked backing up.

“So sorry Drake!” she apologized pulling her weapon back from him. 

Chapter 18 

Ymir’s assault 

“It’s all good your much better than before, that is all that matters I’m very proud of you” Drake replied. Shi jumped in front of them with blood running down his black pants. He looked torn up and tired but after a moment he spoke. 

“Beyond…. The wall… there are more demons!”  Shi said before he fell and passed out.

“Everyone get ready to protect the school if they get past me!” Drake shouted as he ran for the school walls. Once he reached the courtyard before the walls he saw him, Ymir standing there looking right back at Drake. 

“Boy, I know you are a great fighter now come out here and fight me,” Ymir said as he blasted the wall down in one swing. Drake stood there frozen for a moment since he knew who he was up against, then he snapped out of his trance and summoned a flame sword and a lightning dagger. Drake jumped onto a tree nearby then dashed at Ymir’s head, the upwards slash was deflected instead. Drake had blood on his face from the counter-attack and this enraged Drake so far that he blindly turned into the draken form. Ymir was impressed but still smashed his club into the ground in the background in front of the school you could see the other members watching. Drake started to slash over and over at the giants club until it was no more. Ymir was shocked at how fast his mighty club was destroyed that he couldn't react. Drake slashed open part of Ymir’s arm making him yell loud, then he swung his fist at Drake. Drake became even further into his draken form, that turned out he had flames surrounding him. Blood running down his face, Drake bolted towards Ymir’s fist and cleaved it off in one swing. Ymir screamed agony as he held where his hand was.

“ you win for now demon, but you won’t survive the next we meet” he mumbled as he turned to solid ice and disappeared. 

“Demon? I have no idea what he was talking about” said a strange orange haired boy falling from the roof of the school. “You look mostly human to me.”

Chapter 19  

Orange haired boy

“Who are you and what do you think you're doing out here,” asked Drake.

“Just out for a stroll…” replied the boy.

“It is not safe around here right now,” Drake said as he changed back to his normal form.

“I’ll be fine, I have a lot of power,” the boy said as he unsheathed his long sword. “I can see your blood power”

“What is this blood power you speak of” Drake asked.

“Blood power measures how strong you are” the boy replied as he projected a number….

“400?” Drake asked looking confused.

“That’s mine now… here is yours” the boy replied as a new and larger number appeared…

“5000?!” Drake said in shock as he fell backward onto the floor.

“It is difficult to even hit 250 but that God was at 560,000 making him the god he is and you…. You drove him back, I’m shocked” the boy said “oh… by the way, my name is Kenichi Sasuke.”

“You seem to useful… would you come with us on our journey.” Drake asked him with caution as he got up and made a cloak of shadow.

“Eh, sure I guess since I have nothing to do” Kenichi replied.

“Alright let's get everyone together and head out,” Drake said as he walked towards the crowd of students. "Everyone we are leaving get your stuff" 

"Are you sure I don't know if all these kids are ok by themselves" Jade said as she walked over to Drake.

"Really?..."  he paused for a moment then said "alright it will take longer to get to other places but everyone is going then get ready to move out very soon"

"B-but are you sure that will be ok sir Drake" 

"Sir?!... um ya it will be ok" Drake said with a grin. Then everyone started to laugh a little.

"If speed of getting somewhere is a problem then why not talk the principal into coming she is good with teleport magics" Scarlet said as she picked up her stuff.

" good I will go speak with her and convince her to come" Drake replied as he walked into the school.

 " I wonder if he is really ok" Jade said with a worried look on her face. 

Victor saw her like that and said to her with a smile. " he will be fine he is a dragon blood and wolf blood family member some of the last at that. Haha I doubt he will stay down."

"Ya but…" she began to say but was cut off by Victor when he said " just relax he is stronger than you know you may have seen him fight out there but not inside himself so don't doubt him ok"

"Victor… ok fine I will believe in him to tell us if he needs help," Jade said looking at her hands then to Victor.

Chapter 20 

The journey continues onwards 


"So do you think you could help us we are gonna help train them more as we go" Drake said to the principal.

"I might as well now that this whole place has been trashed and now is in the sights of Ymir" the principal replied while looking out the broken window. They both walked out and into the hallway but was stopped by an explosive sound outside. They ran out but rto see scarlet covered is ash and the ground around her was burnt.

"what happened here?!" The principal asked infuriated walking to Scarlet. Scarlet stepped back a little then said.

"Magic battle"

"With who"



"Victor I thought you could only use blood magic" Drake said with a puzzled look.

"Don't look at me I only use blood" Victor replied staring at Scarlet.

"That…. Was me…." Scarlet said embarrassed and looking down.

"Ok well as long as no one is too injured because we need to continue moving the principal agreed to come" Drake said starting to walk towards the gates. The principal walked over and formed a silver and blue portal. She then instructed everyone to walk through and when they did they found themselves in a dense forest. They walked for a while till the found a large tree bigger than the rest. A couple students were arguing when a large sword fell from above in between them. They both froze then screamed and ran away from the blade.

"What now… oh how did …" Drake said before he got cut off by a large orc jumped down from the large tree. The orc grabbed the blade and placed it on his broad shoulders.

"What do you want in my forest? The elves here don't like intruders and I'm the one to clean up intruders." The orc said looking at drake studying him.

"Well we are walking through this place to find more clues to what happened to this world" Drake replied.

"Ugh this is annoying… the elves actually sent me to ask for your help. We have a god tormenting us." The orc said in an annoyed tone. 

"What's his or her name" Drake replied 

"Baron samedi in voodoo" the orc said.

"Ok I can help this one with just one of us," Drake said looking at the group.

"But he is a god and if they cant handle it then how can one of us" one kid said in confusion.

"I will do it since none of you have the balls to." Jade said walking over to the orc.

"Alright just don't let him get your hair no matter what, he will curse you and kill you if so"

"No problem this is a forest after all and I'm a spriggan so this is my playing field" Jade replied putting her green hood on and unsheathing her 2 blades. She then infused her blades with wind. This made her blades sharper than a diamond and lighter. They walked further into the forest when they reached an opening. There in the center stood Baron just staring at them as they walked near him. He suddenly with no words leaped at Jade. Jade jumped back and swung at Baron but he disappeared. Moments later he appeared behind her about to grab her hood. Jade said " animals of the forest heed my call and aid me!" Baron was confused and stopped for a moment then a wolf jumped at him but he killed it with a back hand. 

"You thought you could get me with a feral dog that's insulting now I'm pissed" baron said infuriated and about to strike Jade. She then in a flash decapitated him. His head flew off his body than now lays limp on the ground. Blood puddled around the corpse.

"I thought the gods were supposed to be strong," she said to herself when Kenichi walked out.

“They are but you just happen to be stronger” he said showing a number that said “4,000” then he said ”this was his he is a weaker god, but here is yours” then the number”5,500” appeared.

“it's not much, but I am stronger then” she said walking back to the orc. They all walked back to the group. As they approached the group a large spider queen dropped from above separating them and disorienting the group.

"You destroyed my master and for this you will all suffer the wrath of Arachne" She said turning towards Jade. The spider queen struck Jade straight through her heart, tearing her nearly in half. Drake started to cry but the tears evaporated from the heat of his manna and skin. His aura became a scarlet red, he clenched his hands so hard blood formed inside. His blood boiled and caught flame, it then shaped and formed itself into a curved blade larger than even himself. His body transformed in an instant to his dragon form completely, his hair grew longer and changed to a blood red color. In a blink of an eye he was on the other side of the spider queen. Her body then slowly slid in half and blood erupted from the corpse. Drake walked over to the upper half of the queen which was still alive.

"You made a grave mistake for even being alive today and for killing her," he said in a blaze of rage looking at Jade's twitching body. He then stomped on the queens head crushing it immediately. He raced over to jade and tried to heal her but it was too late, she was gone. He then tried to use the Phoenix power but it would not even appear. He sat there in pain crying over her body, then Victor approached Drake.

"Hey I know this is rough but we all knew the costs of the adventure even she knew the chance." Victor said trying to comfort Drake. They eventually made their way to a town outside the forest. Once there they rented rooms at a tavern and Drake locked himself for days in his room. He would not come out no matter what the group tried. 

Scarlet was out shopping for supplies when she found a flier for a beast extermination, she took the flier to the tavern to show Drake but he would not respond to her. She then took matters into her own hands, she gathered her things and went out for the plains outside of town. When she arrived there were lots of hobgoblins and goblins but they didn't seem normal, they were larger and faster than normal. She grabbed her weapon and attacked the large group, the goblins saw her and suddenly got even larger. One of the goblins hit her and she flew back several feet, when she got back up another was already there and hit her again. They continued to hit her back and forth, no one is around to help.

"How can they be so strong and why can't I get away from them, I don't know if I can hold on much longer." She thought to herself. Off to the side of the fight a large hobgoblin was approaching her, then out of nowhere a portal appeared behind the hobgoblin. A blade stabbed the hobgoblin and sliced him in two, Drake then walk out slowly,  hair everywhere and clothes messy. You couldn't even see his eyes and he continued to look down, in a flash all the other goblins and hobgoblins fell in pieces to the ground. He turned towards Scarlet who laid bruised on the ground motioned his hands pointing down to up then a yellow glow surrounded Scarlet. She was healed completely and Drake spoke to himself quietly but still able to be heard. 

" no one else will die with me around" you could see one year go down his face before he started to walk back to town. Scarlet just followed him back but when they returned the place was on fire and hellspawn where there Drake started to have flashbacks and it threw him into a rage. He started to transform again but Karja jumped from above down to him and hugged him tightly. 

"I know your pain I lost my master before, but I will not lose you too because of your rage. Don't let the rage consume your soul Jade nor Sapphire would never want to see you like this, snap out of it damn it!" After saying that she slapped him across the face hard. He then stopped transforming and looked up at Karja and had tears flowing down his face.

"Thank you… thank you all I will dispose of all these vermin then we can all have a good meal together…" Drake said as he rose up from the ground. He walked to the center of the town and then held his hands over his heart. "Phoenix fire!" He shouted as waves of blue fire erupted from him killing all of the hellspawn and seemed to heal the whole townspeople. 

Kenichi then walked out and use repairing magic to fix the town," glad to have you back I was worried I lost my new pal" Kenichi said walking towards him. 


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