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There once was a peacock named Perry.

A pretty little peacock was he.

He'd strut all around- tail feathers out,

Just as colorful and bright as can be.

Now Perry, he was not perfect.

A prideful peacock was he.

His rude and self centered manner,

Filled the other peacocks with pride and envy.

Well one day while Perry was flaunting,

His uncanny natural beauty,

He was not paying attention,

And a cliff he did not see.

While sticking his tongue out and laughing,

He strolled off the see.

He fell all the way down to the bottom,

And the other peacocks cheered, "whoopee!"

This story does hold a lesson.

A moral for you and me.

I guess pride does come before a fall.

Just ask a prideful peacock named Perry


  • Dec 02, 2019

  • Allen White

    Allen White

    thank you

    Dec 02, 2019

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